As to parents to come into contact with the teenager

As to parents to come into contact with the teenager

Many parents have problems in communication with the teenager children presently. At this age the child wants to show the independence of opinion of parents. From here also the conflicts follow. The only thing that the parent that between it and the child the trust set in can make - it is to become it another. How to make it?

For a start you should not forget that often it is heavy to teenager to control emotions in view of continuous differences of a hormonal background. Therefore to respond with aggression to aggression not best of the ideas. The task of parents is to keep patience and calm.

As it was already written above, the teenager wants to show the independence. What with it to do? To give to the child this chance. To learn not to interfere in its personal space, to accept refusals and to listen to opinion of the child up to the end, without interrupting. The last, by the way, too is given not to all parents as to listen to the fact that it seems frank nonsense, absolutely hardly. In an opposite case, the teenager can be closed and move away.

Very important in the relations and trust. If the parent wants the child to trust him, you should not condemn what the child mutters. It is necessary to be able is veiled to direct the child to the correct way. It is impossible to hack accounts of the teenager at all, to read him to SMS in phone and in every possible way to pose as the detective. It can generate only rage and about any trust the speech will not be any more.

The teenager has to feel support of parents. You should not ignore any achievements of the child whether he made a birds feeder, received "perfectly" or helped the grandmother to pass across the road — all this a subject for pride and a praise. If the child somewhere accidentally stumbled, you should not arrange trials with voices raised, it is necessary to explain quietly in what there was his mistake.

In case there are doubts concerning whether good friends were chosen to himself by the child, it is necessary to make friends delicately and with them. To prove to be the modern and understanding parents. It is also possible to invite on a visit to tea of companions of the teenager and to slowly know them better. The child will be grateful that are respectful to his friends.

Quite quite good option is to improve contact with the child during the help in the choice of specialty to liking. However it is necessary to remember that at this age of the decision of the child often change, it is necessary to treat this process with patience, in every possible way to help the teenager to make a right choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team