As to parents to endure the teenage period of the child

As to parents to endure the teenage period of the child

All parents need to prepare themselves in advance by then when the child reaches teenage age that the nobility how quietly to work in that, or other situation.


1. Always be open for communication with the teenager. He has to be sure that he will be able to address parents on any question, without having met premature criticism and reproaches. Therefore remain quiet and judicious. Support the child and do not throw him without attention at a difficult moment.

2. Teenagers have growing time therefore they demand to themselves respect, do not suffer when they with them continue to communicate as with small, they demand from adults of a conversation as equals. Time for education is ended, the teenager can give unostentatious advice, to share personal experience and to delicately direct it on the correct way. To force to fulfill the requirements, and instructions it is useless. It is only possible to agree with the teenager.

3. The teenager has to study independence and responsibility. Expand its personal space, assign new obligations to the child, let studies responsibility, carrying out any important instructions concerning family, the house. Encourage the teenager to participate in family meetings, ask his opinion therefore, or to other question.

4. Kind of the child strove for independence, be always ready to help him. You should not reproach with nonsense and inexperience. For this purpose there are also parents at the right time to help the child. You should not punish him, throwing one in a difficult situation, be near and next time the child will come to you for council at once to avoid possible problems.

5. All people make various mistakes in youth, thus, the person studies customs of people, accumulates experience. Do not try to protect the child from mistakes in all possible ways. Parents will not be able eternally to protect children from the whole world. Having faced real adulthood, the first serious problems and failures can quickly break the person.

6. Trust the children. Do not arrange interrogations with addictions concerning private life of the child, his friends of hobbies, be not imposed, do not take offense if the child does not want to discuss any subjects, does not find time specially allotted for communication with you. Invite to be engaged in something together, it is so easier to begin and keep up the easy conversation.

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