As to the child to fall asleep at cough

As to the child to fall asleep at cough

When the person is sick, cough during the day, as a rule, does not cause particular problems, unlike night. At night, to be exact at midnight, there is a strong exacerbation of cough, the person cannot fall asleep itself and prevents to sleep to the relatives. And more children suffer from it.

What to do when developing cough

The viral infection is considered the main reason for developing of cough. She categorically cannot be treated antibiotics – at least because at the expense of cough bronchial tubes and lungs are cleaned. At suppression of cough the natural protection against serious bacterial infections, for example, of pneumonia will be eliminated.

If you are not able to see how your child suffers and cannot fall asleep at night because of a severe cough, in that case it is necessary to begin to take measures.

To help the child to fall asleep

The first recommendation – traditional: to drink more water. Liquid not only will allow to soften cough, but also will help to remove a phlegm. As sedative hot drink – milk with honey and butter, cranberry drink or grass expectorant herbs infusion will help. Similar drink will help to moisten a throat, thereby having weakened cough.

The second recommendation – to keep a nose of the kid clean. The clogged nose will lead to the fact that the child will begin to breathe through the mouth that will lead to drying of a throat and mouth. For this purpose before going to bed the kid should clean surely a nose and, if necessary, to dig in children's vasoconstrictive drops. Or to wash a nose with hydrochloric solution. The third recommendation – to lower temperature indoors. Hot air in the room is capable to strengthen cough, and cool is more damp, as it is necessary in this situation. Only you should not use artificial devices for air moistening as in them pathogenic bacteria and a mold breed much quicker. The fourth recommendation – it is impossible to pound a breast of the kid for the night. Ointment in no way will not affect night cough, and here inhalation of its vapors can lead to pneumonia. The general councils at night cough of the child can be the following. If you are absolutely sure that at your kid an allergy, this cough should be stopped by means of antihistaminic medicines. But before application surely read the instruction accidentally not to give to the child adult medicine and precisely to observe a dosage. If the kid does not sleep several nights, try to give him the medicines containing dextromethorphan and guaifenezin. Similar drugs softens a phlegm and facilitate cough. They, of course, will not give absolute effect, but this circumstance is considered their advantage as completely it is forbidden to suppress cough. Remember that it is forbidden to give to the child till 1 year strong medicines for cough as their influence can affect breath of the kid.

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