As to the child to recognize the mistakes

As to the child to recognize the mistakes

How it is possible to live life and not to make mistakes? Of course, it is impossible, but they are always chance to correct, learn lessons from them and not to repeat any more. The relation of the person to the mistakes made him the person. When he suddenly realizes a source of the mistakes, before it the new way to lives opens.

If the child made offense

One of ancient wise men told once: "The madman the one who every time, making the same mistakes, waits for different results". So to parents it is worth teaching the children to treat the acts correctly. If they manage to make it, then life of children in adulthood will become much easier.

If the child stumbled (stole something, told lies to somebody, etc.), and decided to admit it, it is necessary to support him, but not to abuse. Because for him it was the difficult step. Listen to him and let know that you highly appreciate recognition and the fact that this step was given hardly. Do not accuse the child at all of deeds but only you praise for recognition of the mistake. In several days when all settles, return to this situation, but in an allegorical form. Think up the fairy tale where the hero would arrive just as your child. As a result you will understand what conclusions were drawn by your child and as to you to work further.

Happen that parents learn about acts of little pranksters from the acquaintances or strangers. It is necessary to approach this situation on the other hand. State this story with participation of other persons and ask the child to state the attitude towards her and her heroes. As a rule, children understand to what all this is arranged and mainly admit deeds. Besides, from parents there has to be a full acceptance of this fact and further explanation. If the child is sure that he is inevitably waited by punishment and abuse, then next time he will tell nothing and will become reserved more and more. The child is a family member therefore always adopts habits and behavior model from the parents. If something not so with your offspring, so the reason is in parents.

Respectively, if it takes others thing without demand, then the behavior model adopted is borrowed from parents. Perhaps, once they shared it with house, and the child could hear it. Such family addressing the psychologist and hoping for his help, stays in "shock" because that the prime cause, appears, in them. There is the strongest psychological protection – denial and most of them at the expert repeatedly do not appear. Happens that because of the wrong behavior of parents, the child is already driven into a corner. It occurs because it was constantly reproached and punished. Here already most not to cope. It is necessary to address the psychologist or even the psychotherapist since the possibility of correction all the same remains.  

Loss – a terrible trouble

Also other situation when, for example, in a game, the child loses is widespread and begins to accuse of it anyone, only not itself. Let so far and will be. But, having let off steam, force the child to look at yourself from outside, to look for the reasons in itself and to find own mistakes. There is no need for it to admit, it is just necessary to be honest in relation to itself and it needs to be explained. Can then you and you will notice in it changes.

It is necessary to convince the child that a game is a same work and it is necessary to work to win. Create such relation to a game that he did not fall into passion. You should not form at it the relation, as in the known saying: "The main thing - not a victory, but participation". It is necessary to understand the child, to calm and convince that such situations – a frequent outcome. Let know that you feel its state and divide its bitterness.

Unfortunately, the western trend which is directed to the fact that the person has to be a leader extends to our children. Because of it the nervousness grows in their society. It is important to create the correct relation as to loss, and to a prize.

Our main task is to support the child in any situation and to help to find the correct solution. Share the experience and tell how you found a way out. And was not afraid to tell the main thing that the child trusted parents about the failures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team