As twins look on ultrasonography

As twins look on ultrasonography

Conception of twins quite often happens surprise for future mother who did not assume such succession of events. However to find out how many children are expected by the woman, it is possible quite authentically by means of ultrasonic diagnostics which often call just ultrasonography.

Twins are an everyday name of a phenomenon which among experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology it is accepted to call polycarpous pregnancy.

Options of twins

In case it becomes clear that the woman expects birth of two children at once, such pregnancy can represent one of two options. The first of them - formation of so-called monoovular twins. It happens in case in the course of conception of the child one ovum was impregnated, however then for one reason or another it was divided into two absolutely identical parts. In this case future children will also resemble identical, that is very at each other.

The second option of development of pregnancy in case of simultaneous existence at once two fruits - formation of nonidentical twins. This exceptional case represents a situation when in the course of conception two ova are at the same time impregnated at once. In this case in a cavity of a uterus absolutely independent germs which are not similar at each other at all are formed. Actually as a result of such pregnancy so various children as though they were given birth in the course of two various pregnancies are born.

Twins on ultrasonography

As a rule, to find out that pregnancy is polycarpous, by means of ultrasonic diagnostics it is possible early enough. The expert of ultrasonography can define that you have twins, on the fifth week of pregnancy. However it must be kept in mind that it concerns only nonidentical twins as they are formed of different ova which are well distinguishable on ultrasonography. Externally they will represent two dark stains which clearly are visualized in a uterus cavity. As for monoovular twins, the fact of division of an ovum into two identical parts will be noticeable on ultrasonography a little later. To authentically establish that you will have monoovular twins, it is possible not earlier than 12 weeks of pregnancy. Nevertheless, further the effectiveness of ultrasonography diagnostics for them will be so effective, as well as for nonidentical twins. It must be kept in mind that in development at the same time of two kids the uterus will increase in most cases more rapidly in comparison with one-fetal pregnancy, however embryos, most likely, will have a little smaller sizes and weight in comparison with a situation when the woman bears one child. It will be noticeable on ultrasonography and it is noted by the doctor, however such situation should not be frightened - it is normal for polycarpous pregnancy.

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