As with the child to equip a kitchen garden on a windowsill

As with the child to equip a kitchen garden on a windowsill

Cultivation of plants - one of useful occupations which except that will delight children, also will help them to learn accuracy, responsibility. The child will be able to seed seeds, to water the ogorodik and to wait for a harvest. If you are not a happy owner of a personal plot, then it is possible to equip a kitchen garden on a windowsill.

It is required to you

  • - Fibreboard leaf
  • - plastic jar
  • - plastic box
  • - foam rubber
  • - acrylic paints
  • - PVA glue
  • - brushes
  • - spray (with water)
  • - soil (earth)
  • - seeds
  • - children's rake for a sandbox


1. That it was more cheerful, it is possible to create the hands the whole farm with a lodge, a garden and, of course, beds. It is required to us: the sheet fibreboard of the suitable size, it that it was possible to place in the place allocated under a kitchen garden, the plastic jar which we will paint and will change in a nice lodge, a plastic box or a tray with low sides is for arrangement of beds, foam rubber for convenient putting paint, acrylic paints, PVA glue, brushes, the earth - is on sale in flower shop, seeds - can be found in flower shop any to taste, a spray with water - we will water a kitchen garden.

2. Let's take a basis under our composition - the sheet fibreboard - we will paste by means of PVA on a basis a box. We will cover a jar in two layers with white acrylic paint - let will dry out. Let's draw windows, a roof, a stone laying, a door, we will decorate drawn with flowers, an ivy and so on as the imagination will prompt to us. When paint dries up. it is possible to paste a jar to a basis.

3. To paint over the area which remained free between a lodge and a kitchen garden by means of foam rubber and to paint the turned-out background: let's draw flowers, a garden path and so on - we will trust in a flight of fancy and in this question. When paint dries out, it is possible to establish plastic trees, bushes, animals - all this can be found in a box with children's toys.

4. When everything is prepared, we will fill with the earth the plastic box pasted to a basis from a fibreboard. A stick to cut through beds, to seed seeds in beds. Having armed with a rake for a sandbox, we will close the planted seeds the earth. Now we will water our kitchen garden by means of a spray and we will wait when shoots appear. The main thing not to forget to humidify the earth as required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team