As with the child to make a house slime

As with the child to make a house slime

To do house toys – very important process, first, it brings together adults and children, secondly, this collaboration contributes to the development of the child. For what the slime is necessary? It is very useful toy. It develops both motility of fingers, and a vestibular mechanism, besides, the slime will deliver a heap of positive emotions to your kid.

The slime can be multi-color, raznoformenny and in general, it will be such what you want to see it or your child. The slime is a peculiar elastic ball, at contact with a firm surface – it gets out of a shape. And then again gets it. A slime it is possible to buy easily in any shop for very small money.

But time was solved by houses – means, we will do his houses! For production of a slime we will need polyvinyl alcohol and a drill. The last represents powder from crystals, it can be bought in any pharmacy.

We pour out alcohol in a pan and we put on fire, it is desirable on average. Alcohol is heated within 45 minutes, at the same time constantly it we stir slowly, and that then will be exhausted a pan to wash. After the pan with alcohol was removed from fire – we get to work with brown.

On a glass of water we take 2-3 spoons drills. We dissolve in warm water. Carefully we mix to uniform consistence. Sometimes it happens so that the deposit drops out – you should not despair, the drill should go filter everything only with water. All deposit will disappear. A drill it has to be dissolved within 20-25 minutes. Now we connect two components: to a drill (dissolved in water) and alcohol.

In order that the slime began to smell sweet pleasantly, it is necessary to add essential oil. What the slime would receive color, it is necessary to add food colorings. And just in a couple of hours you can give the received toy to the kid.

Product which you received absolutely not toxically. It is a pity only that the slime is not durable, it will serve you only about one week. But, knowing as the slime becomes, you at any time can make to yourself new. Though it is so simple to make a slime. It is not necessary to give all process in a charge of the child, chemical elements (especially heated) can bring unpleasant consequences for the kid. By the way, such slime is identical to store.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team