At the baby the voice was gone: ways of treatment

At the baby the voice was gone: ways of treatment

If at the baby the voice was gone, it is not necessary to panic at once. It is quite possible that recently the kid strongly shouted and it provoked reddening of vocal chords. But in certain cases the similar problem demonstrates presence of other diseases. Even in the absence of temperature it is necessary to address the pediatrician who will appoint the correct treatment.

The professional doctor will examine a nasopharynx, a throat and a mouth of the child in case at the kid the voice was gone, and will render the verdict. In certain cases it is necessary to make bacteriological and other tests still. Usually the pediatrician uses a method of an indirect laringoskopiya, that is examines a throat visually by means of a mirror.

Certainly, intensive stresses and crying can lead to the fact that at the kid the voice will be gone. If the doctor excluded a possibility of infectious and other diseases, it is possible to try to work as follows - to give to the child more warm drink and to periodically carry out inhalations. It is necessary to exclude spicy and salty food from a daily diet.

In principle the doctor can appoint carrying out special oil fillings directly in a throat. You should not be afraid of similar measures.

If you got used to treat yourself and the by seven national methods, it is possible to try several effective options. For example, it is possible to grease the baby's neck with solution of apple cider vinegar (about 20 ml on 150 ml of water). You have to moisten a cotton tampon in such solution and independently miss the mark tonsils of the kid. Also it is recommended to enter special solutions the sterile syringe without needle. For example, rather effective remedy for removal of reddening of tonsils water solution with several drops of a lavender and an eucalyptus is considered (essential oils mean).

Mix one glass of warm milk with 1 tsp of soda, 2 tsps of oil and 2 tsps of honey. Let's the child drink the whole glass of the turned-out means of times a day. Similar mix very positively influences sheaves, softening them. It is also possible to dissolve in 100 ml of water 4 tablets "Mukaltina" and 1 tablespoon of tincture of a root of a licorice. This medicine you give to drink to the kid each 2 hours on 1 tsp. Unfortunately, in many cases of the cause of loss of a voice of the baby can be much more serious. If the doctor found an infectious disease, he will appoint the corresponding treatment. Use of children's sprays, for example Hexorala and reception of Septefril - no more than ¼ tablets a day can help. It is also necessary to allow the kid to drink more boiled water.

If the child already was six months old, the use of a significant amount of cranberry and cowberry drinks and also dried fruits compotes is allowed.

Infrequently anomalies of development of a throat become the reasons of problems with voice. It is about formation of a cyst. The first symptom of such disease is always full or partial loss of a voice. In principle the voice osiplost at the baby can be also provoked by allergic reaction to some certain product. Such symptoms as high temperature, the increased sweating, crying and heavy breath with whistle have to cause special concern. In a similar situation it is necessary to address immediately the pediatrician, but not to self-medicate. In certain cases the delay can threaten with serious consequences for your child.

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