At the child hair do not grow

At the child hair do not grow

Hair are an integral part of an integument. The hair includes the core consisting of dead cells and a root which is in hypodermic and fat cellulose. The hair bulb which is responsible for growth of hair is directly in a hair root.

The reasons of bad growth of hair at deteyvolosyany bulbs begin to be formed at the child even during pre-natal development, approximately on the sixth month of pregnancy. Newborn children have hair very fragile therefore often by 8 weeks they drop out.

At some children growth of hair is slowed down. The reasons of it can be a little. Food of the child plays an important role because together with food all minerals and vitamins necessary for normal development of an organism, and, respectively, and for growth of hair get to an organism.

The kid is on chest feeding therefore its main diet is a breast milk. And the structure of breast milk directly depends on what mother eats. The mother's food will be more nutritious, the milk will become more useful. It in the way, it will be able to promote the most rapid growth of hair at the kid. In order that the structure of a hair was normally formed, first of all, vitamins of group A, B,C and PP are necessary. From this it follows that the nursing mother has to eat a liver, carrots, buckwheat, green apples, butter. If the child receives artificial feeding, it is necessary to pay attention to mix which the kid eats. All listed vitamins also have to be its part. From the moment of introduction of a feeding up, fermented milk products, cottage cheese, meat and fish dishes have to enter a diet of the child surely. It is possible to carry to the reasons of bad growth of hair also a nervous factor. Experts noticed that at the uneasy children differing in a bad dream, hair grow much worse, than at quiet children. To remove this cause, it is necessary to visit the children's neurologist who will advise how to calm the kid. After permission of this problem, the problem of bad growth of hair can leave by itself. The lack of hair on the head of children of more advanced age can become a shortage consequence in an organism of vitamin D or hormonal failure. You have to undergo consultation of the expert who will appoint to your child a complex of vitamins or other treatment in such cases. Stay in the sun will also help elimination of shortage of D.Poslednyaya vitamin the reason of bad growth of hair at the child of which it is impossible to get rid in any way is a heredity. How to accelerate growth of a volosesla you want to accelerate growth of hair at your kid, try not to use during bathing the shampoos and other means which are not intended for children are younger than one year. Broths from a train or a camomile will be suitable for rinsing of the head. You watch closely the child's food. Remember that stay in the fresh air also contributes to the development of the kid and growth of hair on the head.

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