At what age children begin to talk

At what age children begin to talk

The kid grew up, he potters with pleasure toys, likes to watch animated films, quickly creeps and tries to go. At this time parents are interested in the main issue when he starts talking.

When children begin to talk

Most of children say the first intelligent sounds to one-year-old age. It is considered norm if in a year the child tells from two to ten words. But all children different both on abilities, and on character. For example, the friendly sociable kid seeks for communication therefore he will start talking much earlier. Quieter and judicious does not hurry to begin to talk, he with great pleasure watches the events around. It likes to play independently, and a talk interests him a little. Such the baby will start talking later, only after when it has a desire to express the thoughts. Most often by three years children more or less distinctly talk. But even if to this age the child is silent, it does not mean yet that it lags behind in development, however it is worth consulting with the psychologist after all.

It is noticed that girls begin to speak earlier, than boys. When children begin to talk, a lot of things depend on parents, a situation in family and the attitudes of adults towards the baby. The charged atmosphere in family, frequent quarrels of parents, hard words or total absence of attention to the child will cause more likely desire not to talk, and to cry and be capricious. Some parents communicate among themselves or with the kid a little therefore he, without feeling attention, does not seek to communicate and becomes isolated in the world.

Sometimes, that parents excessively talk to the baby much, often ordering it or not pressing an opportunity to show an initiative. Such child has an embarrassment in the presence of adults, in this case the aspiration to talk at the child will hardly appear. Besides, children who are excessively sponsored by parents late begin to speak, trying to foresee all his desires. Similar actions lead to the fact that it has no need to show an initiative, and, especially, to speak.

How quicker to teach the child to talk

First of all, parents have to have cordial friendly relations with the child. It is necessary to talk, read more to him books with the subsequent available discussion, to sing songs, to play fascinating games. It is necessary to cause in the kid desire something to tell, ask it more questions, walking down the street, show it various objects, calling them, let the child repeat after you. It is necessary to speak with the baby correctly – accurately, clear, briefly. It is very useful to massage children's fingers. On them there is a huge number of the nervous terminations therefore such procedures help to develop abilities of the child thanks to what he will begin to speak earlier. "Finger-type games" for children perform the same function. With the child of one and a half years it is possible to try to play role-playing games. For example, it is possible to reproduce a conversation of two animals. Support is necessary for children therefore if you want that the kid started talking quicker take great pain to encourage him, to push to dialogue. Try that the child as often as possible had feelings of happiness, delight which he would like to put into words.

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