At what age milk teeth drop out

At what age milk teeth drop out

Children have a loss of milk teeth and their replacement by constants happens approximately years in six or seven. These terms can slightly change – depending on features of an organism of the child.

A few data from the field of anatomy will help to understand, how exactly there is a change of teeth at the child. As loss and growth of teeth will proceed, depends generally on the building and some features of a zubochelyustny system.


Teeth at children begin to be formed even during pre-natal development. But they will be cut through outside when to the child half a year is executed. At the birth at the child only rudiments of second teeth are created.

It is necessary to show consideration for the state of health of milk teeth as much as possible – infection with caries can damage also rudiments of constants. Milk teeth will drop out when constants begin to be cut through. Processes of loss and a teething can seem disease, but it far not so. During preparation of a zubochelyustny system for change of teeth at dairy the backs begin to resolve therefore they are loosened and begin to drop out. On their place, constants grow. Usually everything begins with the lower cutters. Shaking, loss of milk teeth and growth of new happens gradually for several years. Process of full change of teeth takes six-eight years. If to address average indicators, the first tooth drops out at seven-year age, and by fourteen years at the child of temporary teeth almost does not remain.

As there is a loss of milk teeth

Eruption of second teeth and loss temporary on terms at children differ. Approximately all process goes as follows. At first at the child second teeth-molyary grow - it is the most distant teeth which at first lack the place for jaws, but in process of its growth and teeth becomes more. Change of milk teeth takes place according to the same scheme, as eruption. At first the lower cutters, after that – top are loosened and drop out. At the age of ten years the first couple of premolyar, in twelve years – the second drops out. At the age of thirteen years the last milk teeth – canines drop out. But also it is not all – in fourteen years at the child the second constant painters, after eighteen years – wisdom teeth, that is the third painters grow up. But they grow up not at all people. The lack of these teeth is not considered pathology. In the course of replacement of teeth to the child it is necessary to provide qualitative food. Receiving all necessary minerals and vitamins allows teeth to be formed and grow at healthy. If the milk tooth did not drop out yet, and constant already began to be cut through, the disturbing temporary tooth can be extracted by means of the stomatologist.

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