Attention: the child on vacation!

Attention: the child on vacation!

Approach of long-awaited vacation causes only positive emotions in children, and here parents can be slightly puzzled with how to organize the child's life during summer holiday.

It is fine if there is an opportunity to have a rest together with the child all summer or to leave it on care of careful grandmothers and grandfathers. Remarkably, if it was succeeded to buy the vacation package to the summer camp where the child with benefit will spend time under supervision of adults. But if the school student remains to Home Alone, parents at work so far, it is necessary to think of how to organize his independent "holiday" life.

Active holiday

It is possible to have a good time on vacation not only in the country camp. Take an interest what children's clubs exist near your house. For certain, in them some interesting actions for the period of summer vacation are planned, and your child with pleasure will take part in them. If to accompany it there is nobody, try to talk to parents of his schoolmates: perhaps, someone from them will not be against if the companion of their beloved child keeps it the company.

Many schools will organize summer the camp on own base. Perhaps, it will be a quite good exit: teachers familiar to the child and children, habitual situation, interesting leisure and food. As a rule, the cost of such summer "platforms" is rather low.

Household chores

Rest by rest, but take care of that your child kept at least the minimum order in the room, did not forget also about other obligations for the house. Did not put if he stays for days on end at the computer: try that at least in the evenings and during week-end he spent time on air.


If you reflect, what is better: to leave to the teenager money for food or in advance made lunch, stop on the second option. Otherwise the diet of your child risks to turn into very unhealthy mix from chips, croutons, sweet sparkling water and chocolate. It is possible to warm food in the microwave for the teenager, for the younger school student the thermos will be an exit – so you will be able partially to control at least, than the child in your absence eats.


You carry out prevention of catarrhal diseases: very offensively to be ill on vacation. Wash nasal pass with spray on the basis of sea water, give vitamins for the corresponding age group.

Remind the child of need of observance of rules of personal hygiene. To brush teeth, to wash and wash hands, having returned from walk it is necessary even on vacation! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team