Babies and pets: 7 councils of cohabitation

Babies and pets: 7 councils of cohabitation

Waiting for the child huge attention is paid to preparation of the children's room. Future parents as a sponge, absorb all necessary information on care for the newborn.

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  • But there is one more important factor about which you should not forget: existence of a pet. It is not about little turtles and small fishes who except that will demand time for leaving, will not influence the child at all. The situation is much more difficult if houses are cats and dogs.


1. Without fail the animal has to have beforehand examination at the veterinarian and receive necessary inoculations.

2. It is necessary to watch that in the house it was always clean.

3. A crib for the favourite pet – the forbidden place. It is desirable that the animal spent as little as possible time in the room of the kid in general.

4. The child tastes the world literally therefore it is important to check that in the nursery there was no wool. Except that it can get into a mouth of the kid, wool can also cause allergies.

5. The toilet of the pet has to be in the place, inaccessible for the child.

6. Kind of with affection embraces of a cat and the kid did not look, in order to avoid emergence of worms in the child it is necessary to try not to assume that he kissed the pet. Parents also have to watch that they after contact with an animal of a hand remained clean.

7. The most important is to remember that the child is more important, than animal, even the most favourite. Therefore it is necessary to be morally ready to the fact that the pet should be sent if the kid has problems with health.

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