Basal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy

Basal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy

One of ways of definition of pregnancy to a delay is measurement of basal temperature. If the woman plans pregnancy, then she at least once in life about it heard. Basal temperature has property to change the value depending on a condition of an organism. But without a certain studying rules of measurement of basal temperature and determination of reference values, it is not possible to learn about pregnancy.

What is basal temperature?

 Body temperature of the woman, measured at rest in the morning is called basal. This way of definition of an ovulation or pregnancy will be much more precisely if the woman is able to keep the schedule of daily measurement of temperature during at least 2-3 cycles.

 The essence of measurement of basal temperature consists in progesterone hormone reaction to the woman's body. Progesterone renders hyper thermal effect of temperature increase of a body. And the splash in this hormone happens at the time of an ovulation. At pregnancy emergence, progesterone will also remain at the high level.

 For the women having in the anamnesis a disease a giperprolaktinemiya, the technique of measurement of basal temperature will not be informative.

 Errors nevertheless take place to be, but measurement of basal temperature is very often applied when planning not only the pregnancy, but also baby gender planning.

 How basal temperature is taken?

 To take basal temperature it is correctly necessary to follow certain rules always. Temperature quite dynamic indicator and any factor can have impact on result. To take basal temperature it is correct, it is necessary to follow the following rules accurately:

  • Basal temperature in a mouth, a vagina or in a rectum is taken. For measurement for the purpose of pregnancy definition the best way is rectal. It is especially important to adhere to measurements only in one way all the time.
  • It is desirable to use the mercury thermometer, but it is possible also electronic. The device for all the time of a research cannot be changed. It is desirable to hold it near a bed if necessary to take it with little effort.
  • It is necessary to take basal temperature not less than 5 minutes.
  • Basal temperature since morning, at once after awakening at the same time is taken. It is impossible to rise before measurement.
  • You should not stop measurements of basal temperature and during monthly.
  • All results have to be noted on graphics.

 What has to be basal temperature at pregnancy?

 From the beginning of a new cycle basal temperature decreases up to 36.4 degrees. All first phase of a cycle temperature remains at the level of 36, 4-36.7 degrees. Before an ovulation temperature sharply decreases to 36.3 wasps, and then unexpectedly increases to 37 degrees. Norm during an ovulation basalt temperature up to 37, 4 wasps is considered. For 12-16 days such temperature keeps steadily, but before a new cycle it decreases again.

 If there occurred pregnancy, then basal temperature does not decrease, and remains at the level of 37.0-37.4 wasps for all 9 months.

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