Basic rules of education of children

Basic rules of education of children

The behavior of children entirely depends on your attitude towards them and that what example you set them. If the child plays about and behaves badly, you should think that you made not so. Even having become the adult his behavior still will remain the investigation of what he saw in the childhood. There are several golden rules which it will be useful for any parent to know.

Children need to be raised in the warm family atmosphere if the child sees aggression, he also will be aggressive. Such children often fight. Here also the criticism belongs. If you constantly criticize the child, then most likely, grow up the person inclined all to condemn.

It is impossible to deride the child, it you generate in him an inferiority complex. Throughout all life he will feel like the loser and will grow up very silent and "hammered". Such people, as a rule, do not trust in own forces. Children always need to be encouraged, then you engender in them self-confidence.

Never dishonor the child before others! If you do it, he and will live life, including himself guilty of all sins of mankind.

If the child feels that he is necessary for someone, the kid means and itself in life will always look for love. Here the child does not need to try to impart anything, rather simply openly to show your feelings to it.

Try to forbid the child less. To be exact, forbid correctly. It is not necessary to speak to him mandative tone: "do not run away from me", better just ask: "go, please, nearby". It not only will well affect education, but also it will be more productive. So the children's brain is arranged. It does not recognize such particle as "not".

Of course, so far your kid still small, you as nobody you know that for him it will be better. He is still incapable to assess correctly a situation and to make a right choice, but nevertheless sometimes listen to it. If you always solve everything for it, he very quickly will get used to it. And further, will grow the person, dependent, dependent on others.

And, perhaps, the most important. Communicate with the child! Any developing game, any animated film will not be so important for him and its development as real-life communication. It's clear that round the clock to spend time with it it will not turn out, but try to find more free time on communication with it.

And the last the useful rule in education of the child – you do not reproach him with mistakes. It is not necessary to abuse it at once, explain to him better as it was necessary to make correctly. You remember, people study on mistakes, and your little man, to that not an exception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team