Blanket for the newborn - what it has to be?

Blanket for the newborn - what it has to be?

The qualitative dream is very important for a psychophysiological condition of the kid. It helps it to develop, to raise, be healthier quicker. In many respects the dream depends on that, bedding is how correctly chosen. To get a children's blanket for the newborn happens not easy as similar products are presented in a huge variety today.

What blanket for the newborn happens?

Today in the market the set of children's blankets for the newborn, various both on color, and on material of which they were made, and even in a form is offered. Duvets enjoy wide popularity as are absolutely eco-friendly, incredibly easy, are made only of natural materials, perfectly "breathe" and heat. But is at them and shortcomings – very quickly grow damp and demand regular drying, can become the cause of an allergy at the child.

Cotton blankets are made of cotton wool, do not cause allergies, well keep heat. However they too heavy, strongly absorb unpleasant smells and moisture, over time get off in lumps.

Woolen blankets perfectly absorb moisture, however from the first two quickly remove it, long remain dry, are made of natural materials, well heat, "breathe". Are knitted, woven and quilted. The fur children's blanket in a bed to the newborn usually is not put. It is used for concealment of the child during winter walk. Synthetic blankets are the most available at the price. They are air, hypoallergenic, well hold heat and do not demand a special care. They can be washed easily as hands, and on the machine. The flannelette blanket – soft, gentle, does not cause irritation on children's skin, incredibly comfortable. Sewed from 100% of cotton. Is suitable for summer. The blanket from fleece hypoallergenic, does not overheat the child's skin, holds the necessary temperature. Rather thin. The modern blanket a transformer for the newborn is made by the principle "2 in 1", can quickly be transformed from a usual blanket to an envelope. It is useful not only at home, but also for walks with the kid. It can be made of various natural materials.

Requirements imposed to children's blankets

When choosing a blanket it is necessary to be guided by a season. So, the first 5 types of data of the products considered are slightly higher, the others perfectly are suitable for cold autumn and winter weather, – for warm summer and spring. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to compliance of blankets to such requirements as: good carrying out heat; ability to pass air; hygroscopicity (the product at evaporation of moisture has to maintain warm temperature); ease; gigiyenichnost. Besides the blanket for the newborn has to be erased, not demand easily a special care, to be incapable of deformation, to be convenient in use. It is still very important to consider such moments as naturalness of materials of which the blanket was made. It has to be very qualitative. Otherwise on skin of the kid irritations will appear continually. It is worth getting at once 2 blankets – winter and summer. Even better – at once a little that they were enough for all occasions.

Correct size of a children's blanket

Most often the blanket size for the newborn happens one - 120х90 cm. But if desired it is possible to find and use products of other sizes, for example, of 110х140 cm. When choosing be guided by what size at a crib what blanket covers you have, etc. If you take the recommendations made here into account, then you will understand what has to be a blanket for the newborn, and you will be able easily to choose the best for the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team