Brain cyst at newborns

Brain cyst at newborns

Cyst – the cavity filled with liquid, a benign tumor capable to strike various systems of a human body, in certain cases even during its pre-natal development. One of the most often met pathologies at newborns is the brain cyst. Its development is the cornerstone various reasons. This tumor does not pose a threat for the child's life, but always demands thorough observation and control from experts.

The causes of a cyst of a brain at newborns

Development of a cyst of a brain in newborns in most cases is the cornerstone the pathologies of the central nervous system arising at a stage of pre-natal formation of a fruit. Many of them, the lives of babies found in the first months, are caused by presence of some diseases at the woman during pregnancy. The brain cyst at the newborn is provoked by infections – encephalitis, meningitis. Existence in an organism of the woman of a virus of herpes can also become the cause of this illness at the child.

Various diseases, including brain cyst, it causes the phenomenon as a hypoxia which is quite often found at pregnant women. The lack of oxygen which tests the child's organism at a hypoxia can become the cause of many pathologies of his internals and a brain. The cyst is one of the most frequent consequences of oxygen starvation of a brain of the child during pre-natal development.

The head injuries got by the newborn at the time of delivery or in the first days of life, can also lead to formation of a cyst of a brain.

Brain cyst symptoms at newborns

Symptoms completely depend on the size of a cyst and the place of its arrangement. Big new growths affect a condition of all organism of the child adversely, can become the reason of a delay of his intellectual and physical development. The cyst of a brain tends to increase. Head injuries, inflammatory and infectious diseases can provoke its rapid growth. Suspicions of a cyst of a brain have to arise in the presence at the newborn of the following symptoms: - bad dream, total absence of a dream or, on the contrary, excessive drowsiness; - swelling of a fontanel; - tremor of extremities; - causeless losses of consciousness; - the increased concern; - hyper tone of muscles; - vomiting, frequent vomiting; - epilepsy. At children with a cyst of a brain the increased intra cranial pressure is usually observed. It a full-fledged dream has the reason of capriciousness of the child, absence chronic headaches. The cyst can squeeze various structures of a brain, leading to violation of motive coordination, developing of spasms, faints, deterioration in sight and hearing.

Treatment of a cyst of a brain at newborns

Therapy is appointed taking into account a kind of a cyst, its amount, presence at the child of any given manifestations. Some cysts tend to resolve independently within several months. At their diagnosing the thorough observation of the child from experts is established. The tumor is subject to removal if reaches the big size and affects health and development of the newborn adversely. The cyst can be removed in several ways: by means of the endoscope, shunting or cranial trepanation. The last way is applied extremely seldom and only in case of emergency. The brain cyst at the child is the reason of development of such dangerous disease as hydrocephaly therefore leaving of this pathology without attention is inadmissible.

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