Brain hypertensia at babies

Brain hypertensia at babies

Brain hypertensia is a disease which is characterized by the increased intra cranial pressure. This neurologic pathology quite often arises at children at chest age.

Causes of illness

To the most frequent causes of intra cranial hypertensia at babies treat a pre-natal hypoxia (insufficient intake of oxygen a fruit during its incubation), asphyxia of newborns (violation of gas exchange in lungs), postnatal craniocereberal injuries, bacterial and viral infections (encephalitis and meningitis). Quite often intra cranial hypertensia arises because of violation of outflow of blue blood from a skull cavity and also congenital pathologies of the central nervous system.

Disease symptoms

At children tell a vybukhaniye and strong tension of a fontanel, a visible divergence of seams between skull components about the increased intra cranial pressure, change of behavior (the child becomes uneasy, constantly screams and cries). At some children the trembling, spasms, vomiting or vomiting which are not connected with meals begin. Increase in painful sensitivity, violation of motive abilities belong to other symptoms of a disease.

It is important to watch closely how the circle of the head of the child in the first year of his life changes. At emergence of pathological process and lack of timely treatment at the kid intellectual violations, a blindness and paralysis can begin.

Treatment of brain hypertensia

At detection of brain hypertensia such remedies as physiotherapy exercises, massage, healthy nutrition, closer and frequent communication of the child with parents are appointed. If children's intra cranial hypertensia is followed by increase in volume of cerebrospinal fluid, intake of strong diuretics can be prescribed the child. Heavier and started cases demand use of the medicines promoting outflow of liquid from a brain cavity. Such diuretics as Triampur, "Diakarb" and others are for this purpose appointed. From the beginning of a feeding up the child should allow to drink more liquid, including water, natural apple juice and weak camomile broth which possess diuretic action. In the most hard cases the expeditious treatment is appointed. Need for it arises if doctors precisely found out the reason of increase in intra cranial pressure from the child, and it cannot be eliminated with medicamentous means. The shunting operations which provide artificial removal of excess of cerebrospinal fluid from a skull cavity are usually performed. If the tumor is found, it is immediately deleted.

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