Cake from pampers the hands

Cake from pampers the hands

Cake from pampers - a convenient and practical gift to the newborn. It will be pleasant to all - easy to sort this unusual design, using diapers for designated purpose. That the gift was even more valuable and beautiful, add pampers with other necessary things for the kid - children's cosmetics, diapers, bootees, nipples and toys.

What is done of pampers

It is possible to make various figures of pampers. Masters create toy bear cubs, dolls, planes, engines, carriages, locks and other original compositions. As addition bright bottles with children's cosmetics, various toys and other accessories to babies are used. That the composition turned out beautiful, maintain it in one style and color.

Working with diapers, follow rules of hygiene. Wash hands and collect a product in the clean room, and at the end pack it that on pampers dust did not get.

The sizes of a product depend on what pampers you choose. Diapers for newborns are most practical - then the gift can be used right after presentation.

Three-storied cake from diapers

The most popular model - the classical three-storied cake made of the curtailed pampers. It it is simple to make with own hands. Choose accessories of one color - for boys will be suitable blue or blue, and for girls - pink. Cut out a circle from cardboard or polyfoam - it will become the basis for future cake. Paste over it with packing paper or wrap up in a foil. For bigger similarity to the real confectionery from above the basis can be laid a round tissue with lace. Accurately curtail diapers into hard rolls and fix by clothespins. Then wrap up each roll in a thin packing tape and tie it a bow. Color of a tape depends on the general shade of composition.

Do not use glue in work - it can get on diapers.

Start assembly of cake. On the basis densely establish rolls from diapers, forming a circle. In the center of composition it is possible to establish bottles with children's cosmetics - shampoo, cream, shower gel. That the circle turned out more equal, it can be formed by means of round metal shape for cake. Establish rolls densely - so cake will look accurater. Having finished lower "cake layer", tie with its wide satin ribbon. Fix it by the stapler. In the same way collect the second tier of cake - it has to have slightly smaller size. The last tier becomes the smallest. Each circle tie with the tapes sustained in the general scale. Make tiers one on another. Decorate ready composition artificial with flowers and objects of children's use - the pacifiers, bootees, toys or rosettes curtailed from socks and a romper suit. Having finished cake, pack it. The best wrapper - transparent cellophane which can be decorated with a magnificent bow or a flower from tapes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team