Catarrhal glossit at children: symptoms, reasons, treatment

Catarrhal glossit at children: symptoms, reasons, treatment

Catarrhal glossit — the disease accompanying such diseases as deep caries, a teething and stomatitis. It is shown by an acute inflammation of language. The illness develops because of hit of infectious activators in the damaged epithelial layers of a mouth.

Disease symptoms

The very first signs of the catarrhal glossit at children — burning and moderate pain in language. During meal and a conversation pain can amplify. Language swells, and on its sides there are prints of teeth. For the second and third day of a disease on a back of language the thick layer of the raid which is consisting of exudate and the dying-off epithelial layer is formed.

There are cases when at the little patient the language swells to such an extent that it becomes heavy to it to eat. Salivation increases, flavoring feelings atrophy and nipples increase in sizes. Also in language spots of grayish, then red color are formed and between them yellow rollers appear. Spots move on language and change the form.

Causes of illness

Various factors serve as the reasons of the catarrhal glossit. There is always also an infectious component staphylococcus or a streptococcus. The disease in children is caused by kariyesa, tooth deposits, language injuries, poisoning with salts of heavy metals, diseases of digestive tract, ORZ, flu and allergic reactions. At kids glossit can develop because of difficulty of a teething. Also non-compliance with hygiene and existence of sharp edges of dentures, seals and teeth develop inflammatory process of language.

Treatment of the catarrhal glossit

Therapy of a disease begins with elimination of the reason of inflammation of language. For the amendment of a seal, elimination of caries and correction of dentures it is necessary to address the stomatologist. Surely it is necessary to observe hygiene of an oral cavity. In case of the accompanying diseases, it is necessary to undergo their careful complex treatment with application of physical therapy, medicines and means of a raising of immunity. Frequent rinsings, appliques and processings of a surface of language broths of a sage, a camomile, a calendula, chlorhexidin and solution of baking soda will help with house conditions to remove inflammation and to facilitate a state. In case of strong morbidity it is required to process a surface of language lidocaine solution. For elimination of sharp symptoms of a disease there are enough 3 — 5 days. If inflammatory process strong, pathogenic bacteria are also revealed, the doctor appoints antibiotics. At untimely therapy the purulent form of the catarrhal glossit develops, formation of abscesses and flegmon begins. In such cases the expeditious treatment is required.

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