Child and canine friends

Child and canine friends

Whether the child is ready to take at least partial responsibility for a pet? What rules should follow, having an animal in the house? What safety rules?


1. When the child showed willingness to get a pet, it is necessary to explain all importance and responsibility connected with such acquisition. Bringing an animal to the house, it is always necessary to care for it, it cannot be carried back when it to bother, or to change for other animal.

2. Admissible age when it is possible to allow to bring the pet, the fourth, fifth year of life. At this age it is easier to explain that an animal not a toy, and the living being requiring regular care. The child can already charge partial care of an animal. He can quite fill a forage, change water, clean a cage.

3. That it was easier for kid to decide on the choice of a pet, useful will be to visit specialized shops, poultry markets. At the child to appear an opportunity to take, touch an animal, and to consciously choose to itself the friend.

4. Safety rules: First of all it concerns care for pets. It is necessary to keep clean trays for toilets, bowls for food, to regularly wash cages, aquariums. It is necessary to comb out and cut long-haired animals carefully and regularly. It is indoors obligatory to carry out damp cleaning, few times in a week.

5. Absolute purity in the house is not the key to the fact that the animal will not become the carrier of infections and parasites. Existence of all necessary inoculations, times a month is obligatory for an animal it is necessary to give special tablets from parasites. If the pet is on the street, it is necessary to buy a special collar from fleas and ticks. If you are going to bring more exotic pet, for example, a lizard, or a turtle, it is better to consult with the veterinarian, such animals carry more dangerous infections.

6. When choosing a pet, it is necessary to consider character and aggression. The animal has to be tender, appeasable and obedient. Decided to get a big dog, then not to do without specialized training. It is also possible to consult to the expert and to choose an animal with sweet temper, characters of thoroughbred cats and dogs are well studied.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team