Child and pets: simple rules

Child and pets: simple rules

Most of children very much loves animals, and the request at some point appears to get own domestic small animal. But not always appearance of the pet takes place smoothly. What needs to be known that the child and an animal became friends?

Training of the pet

Many couples by the time of appearance of the child already have pets. Cats, dogs, birds or small fishes – any animal it is necessary to prepare for the fact that soon in family there will be a replenishment. Both the small child, and an animal, can cause by inexperience to each other harm therefore it is necessary to try to avoid it as much as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to rearrange a cage, a lodge, the pet's aquarium to the place, inaccessible for the child. If the animal freely moves on the house, then it is necessary to try to accustom him to avoid places where it can contact to the child, such as bed and table. It is also necessary to understand how the animal will treat various touches, for check slightly it will be so clear to pull the pet at pads and a tail how he will react to touches of the child.

The first acquaintance

The child should be told in advance how it is possible to behave with an animal and what should be avoided. It is impossible to assume that the child showed cruelty in relation to the pet, but if it nevertheless occurs, then it is necessary to explain well to the child that such actions damage health of an animal. Involvement of the child to daily care of the pet will help the child to experience better that the animal is not a toy, and the living being with the requirements.

Choice of a pet

First of all it is necessary to understand that is wanted by the child. For this purpose it is possible to go in a zoo or to an exhibition of animals and to look to what animals the child will show the greatest interest. It is necessary to understand also accurately that there are animals who can be dangerous to the child. There are especially aggressive breeds of dog and poisonous exotic animals. Also it is necessary to consider life expectancy of future pet – better to take a little animal that it could grow together with the child.

Influence of animals on children

Provided that both the child, and animals are prepared for a meeting, appearance of the pet – great joy for the kid and his family. Observation of an animal adds to family new general interest, joint games with the pet appear, care of it, desire to please with something the new family member. It is necessary to let the child know that though the animal and is bought in family, but child becomes the pet's owner. His care and attention are the most important for an animal. Own pet will awaken responsibility and ability to empathy in the child.

In order that the child did not lose interest in a pet, he should spend more time with the pet. It can be active walks or games of the house, it is possible to try to teach an animal to teams. If it is the pet with whom it will not turn out to spend actively time, then it is worth reading the child of story about similar animals or to watch documentaries.

At observance of these recommendations the pet will become the true friend of the child, and will bring it and other family members huge joy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team