Childbirth without pain by Bradley's method

Childbirth without pain by Bradley's method

It is more and more married couples which expect appearance of the kid, understand that preparation for his birth is not only purchase of a dowry, but also physical and also psychological readiness. The method of the American doctor R. Bradley can help with it.

Pain during childbirth is the invariable reason of alarm of future mothers throughout all pregnancy. Most of women so are afraid of the moment of the birth of the kid that subconsciously adjust themselves negatively that does not need to be done at all. Severe pains during patrimonial process is a result of reduction of muscles of a uterus and also pressure upon her neck. They arise in the form of fights in a stomach or in a groin. Also other pain – pressure upon a bladder and intestines, feeling of stretching is possible. It is considered that this type of pain the strongest, but at each woman the childbirth proceeds differently, and pain is absolutely various.

But it turns out that it is possible to give rise also without pain. And the proof to it is Bradley's method.

R. Bradley's method assumes that to help the woman to relax and reduce pain, partner childbirth is called.

In the middle of the last century doctor Robert Bradley drew a conclusion that the healthiest way of the birth of the child are a childbirth without any medicines and delivery care. Naturally, the help at childbirth is not provided by the nature, but often pains during the fights so exhaust the woman that it leads to deterioration in patrimonial activity and emergence of problems. Therefore the modern medicine resorts to medicamentous anesthesia and delivery care. The method offered Bradley is the alternative solution of this problem. It is directed to effectively to help to give birth to the child without anesthesia and at the same time not to feel the severe pains. This method includes special exercises at pregnancy, a good diet. By means of auto-training the woman can learn to operate the emotions, for example, to keep calm, to strengthen self-confidence, to maintain courage. In the same time she will learn to breathe correctly "stomach", as during a deep sleep. If during training the woman learns to relax and operate pain, and that her husband or the partner needs to become the assistant and the trainer during childbirth. Emotional support of the partner is a peculiar "anesthetizing" means in this case. But its main duty is to help the wife with a relaxation. For this purpose he masses it a back, "conducts" breath, gives a towel. Besides, the husband is trained how to behave with the child until mother departs after an anesthesia in case of Cesarean section.

The idea of involvement of husbands to participation in childbirth became the main achievement of Bradley, before childbirth was considered only as "women's occupation". A revolution in views of a role of the husband was made by the book by Bradley "Childbirth with the prepared husband".

The training course lasts 8-12 weeks, is taught, as a rule, by certified specialists. Group classes, the group includes no more than 8 couples. The most part of classes is conducted in the form of trainings, and disks with the video tutorial of steam studies houses. Such long training and the subsequent experience of childbirth will strengthen relationship of spouses, and to the woman will help to give birth to the healthy child without pain.

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