Children and healthy nutrition: how to accustom the child to useful products

Children and healthy nutrition: how to accustom the child to useful products

Sadly, but the fact - the bulk of children will always prefer to healthy food in the form of vegetables and fruit fast food, sweets and sparkling water. However there are several receptions thanks to which the child can impart love for useful products over time. Formation of the correct eating habits from early age is very important factor which will help to avoid overeating, the excess weight and many diseases accompanying it subsequently.

How to accustom to eat vegetables

1. Always you keep several types of vegetables in the fridge and try to supplement with them practically each meal. Do not give up even if at first the child refuses. Or late he will try out Rono and will begin to enjoy.

2. Many children very much like to crackle something - offer them vegetables, it can be sweet paprika or juicy carrots. Add a dish with natural yogurt and greens sauce diroom in which it is necessary to dip strips of vegetables - it will turn out tasty and interestingly.

3. Potatoes, despite a large amount in it of carbohydrates, very useful vegetable. Train him several times a week in different variations: puree, casserole or usual boiled.

4. Add vegetables to habitual rice and pasta dishes, cook pies with a vegetable stuffing (teem) or vegetarian pizza.

5. Arrange family meals and be an example for imitation - eat with pleasure and extol vegetables.

How to accustom to eat fruit

1. The simplest trick - buy various fruit and spread them in a vase in kitchen or in the dining room. It is possible to clean and slice some fruit - so at the child will be bigger temptation it to try.

2. Surely give to the child 1-2 fruit with yourself in school - the fact that the house is not eaten, it can be eaten with appetite on a big change.

3. Periodically do cocktails and smoothie of fresh berries and fruit - offer them to the child and drink. Such drinks it is much more tasty and more useful than box juice and, especially, sweet sparkling water.

  • Important! Fruit are good as having a snack - approximately in 2 hours after a meal or in 30-40 minutes prior to. Fruit for a dessert after a dense lunch are not necessary davayt to children - it will provoke processes of fermentation and heavy feeling in a stomach.

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