Children's arena: pluses and minuses

Children's arena: pluses and minuses

The children's arena is a device which limits movement of the small child. It is necessary since the moment when the kid begins to creep. It is possible to use it up to 3-4 years. Psychologists claim that application of this subject can do much harm to mentality of the kid, but at the same time it helps to save it from many injuries.

Pluses of use of an arena for the child

The space of the apartment can be dangerous to the kid. Acute angles, sockets, small objects are in any room and if the child remains one, he can use them not for designated purpose. It is necessary to be constantly nearby to save the child from injuries and bruises. But practically it is difficult feasible, sometimes mom turns away, switching attention to other objects, does household chores and has a rest. And at these moments it is necessary to fence off somehow the child from danger. And the arena perfectly helps with it.

The children's arena can be used outdoors, it will allow the child to spend time in the fresh air, but not to creep away too far. The fenced space does not prevent vision therefore the child does not worry if mom is in a reach zone, and at the same time it can go about any own business.

For travel and campaigns on a visit the children's arena is an excellent decision. It can be established on a floor or on a bed, and the child will be in safety. It allows to move freely all family, without being afraid that it is necessary to prepare the room for stay together with the child.

It is difficult to transport a big children's arena, but it is more convenient for the kid. Sometimes it is possible to get just a small fence which will fence off the safe territory in the apartment, and exactly there to leave the tot. Such arenas, only from a fence, usually develop and take not enough place, but they have no bottom.

Minuses of use of an arena for children

The arena limits mobility of the child. From the earliest age the tendency to a sedentary life is formed. And to the first step interest in the world around is put. Assessment of the opportunities, experiments with movement, aspiration to some purpose are established during the period about one year. Beautiful toys, bright things draw attention, but if it is impossible to reach, the feeling of alarm and helplessness appears. Unconsciously the child feels hopelessness, and it can cause feeling of inferiority.

The violent room in an arena can become the cause of a psychological trauma. The kid can be frightened and then long in adulthood endure this tragedy. Therefore it is important to accustom the child to limited space gradually, try to put bright toys there, and put the child nearby. At some point he will want to reach, and movement for a wall will perceive as joy, but not punishment.

Uneasy children cannot buy a high arena. If the child is attached to mom, he has to see her therefore choose small height. For fidgets it is better to take model 100 – 110 centimeters, it is more difficult to turn them, they are steadier.

The arena bed is not always the good decision. In a bed the child sleeps, and in an arena spends time and plays. Combination of functions saves means of parents, but deprives of an opportunity to divide concepts – the vacation spot and for a dream. It complicates rocking the child, he can perceive space not correctly, and it creates additional efforts.

In an arena of the child it is impossible to leave more than for 10-15 minutes without attention. Bigger time it can be, but it is important to check its state, or to be in a visibility range that there was no concern.

Not all children agree to sit in a children's arena. Sometimes this purchase is useless because without mom or dad the child just refuses to be. That it did not occur, before acquisition try to create an arena from pillows and to look at reaction of the kid. It is also possible to take an arena from friends for couple of days personally to estimate pluses and minuses of this product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team