Children's beds arenas and game arenas: pluses and minuses

Children's beds arenas and game arenas: pluses and minuses

The first steps of the child are joy for parents. However already in few months independently moving kid is capable to bring a lot of trouble. Constant desire somewhere to climb, take what cannot be taken forces many parents to limit space of the young researcher. The arena will help with such situation.

Game arenas

The game arena represents the limited platform of rectangular, round, triangular or square shape. The average area of this design – 1-1.5 sq.m. However if desired it is possible to pick up an arena of the bigger or smaller size depending on housing conditions. The main objective of a game arena is to protect the child from dangers of the world around: acute angles, sockets, dangerous objects, etc. It gives the chance to mom to go about the own business, without worrying about safety of the kid.

The game arena can be made of different materials. The main advantage of a mesh design – its soft walls which protect the child from injuries when falling. Important plus is also low price (from 1500r above). Easily and quickly it develops therefore it can be taken in trips, to transfer also mesh arena of the house to a garden and to remove on storage in a far corner.

Labor-consuming leaving belongs to shortcomings of such model and also the fact that long watching through a grid forces the child to strain eyes that can lead over time to deterioration in sight. Choosing a mesh arena, you watch that cells were not too large, otherwise in them fingers of the kid can get stuck. The plastic arena looks as the small small fence painted in bright colors. It is easy to clean, bring together him, to sort and transfer from place to place. At the same time the plastic design is very unreliable: at great desire the child can overturn it and be traumatized. The arena executed from a tree differs in the most reliable design. Its advantage consists in durability and naturalness of materials if wood is not covered with toxic varnish or paint. Also it provides to the child the good review, without doing harm to his eyes. Minuses of this model: high cost, injury risk, long folding and big weight of a design.

Beds arenas

The arena bed unites in itself two functions: serves for the child's protection from the outside world and it can be used as a berth. The rigid bottom and special fastenings allow parents to regulate bed height. Beds in the form of an arena are convenient that they at the expense of the facilitated design save the place in the room and look is not so bulky. Besides they easily understand and take not enough place in folded form, they with ease can be taken to the dacha or in a travel. If you anyway plan to buy an arena, and at the same time you need a bed, the bed arena will help to save money. In addition to such arenas there is a set of devices. At will you can buy a removable changing table, wheels for movement on the apartment, shelves for children's trifles, hinged bed curtains and the rocking to sleep mechanism. The main lack of such models consists in association of a game and sleeping zone. Having found a habit to play beds, over time the child can have problems with a dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team