Children's coconut mattress: advantages

Children's coconut mattress: advantages

The newborn child spends the most part of the time in a dream. Therefore it is important to parents to take care of that the mattress in a bed was to the most convenient and also meeting requirements of orthopedists.

Aged about one year back muscles of the kid still very weak. The constant dream on a soft mattress can lead to an early curvature of a backbone and emergence of the accompanying complications. It is very important to pick up such model which will support a backbone, will not press on soft fabrics and at the same time will not complicate breath of the child.

Coconut mattress: what is it

The mattress with coconut filler is considered one of the best options for the newborn baby. A coconut koyra (in translation from malayalamsky – "rope") – the natural material received from palm tree nuts. Mature fruits collect and soak in water within several months. Then from an external part of nut schesyvat fibers and dry them. Before sending for production the coconut koyra is impregnated with natural latex. It increases elastic properties and durability of fibers.

In shops it is also possible to meet mattresses from the pressed coconut koyra. Their shortcoming is that such filler is less resistant to loadings. In few months it will cave in under the child's weight, having formed poles.

Advantages of a coconut mattress

The coconut mattress impregnated with latex meets all requirements of orthopedists. He is rather tough and strong. Such model will not crumble and will not change a form even several years of use later. Coconut fiber contains polymer lignin. Thanks to it, the mattress will not begin to decay neither in dry, nor in a damp state. Good ventilation also belongs to features of this material: the mattress does not rot and does not absorb smells. Antibacterial properties of a coco provide reliable protection of immunity of the child. And, at last, the coconut mattress has good hygroscopicity: it quickly dries and is not afraid of the increased humidity indoors.

To what age the coconut mattress is necessary

In the first year after the birth the immunity and a bearing of the kid are just formed. Therefore doctors recommend to put the mattress of the increased rigidity made of hypoallergenic materials in a bed. Buying model with coconut filler, pay attention to its cover. Fabric also has to be natural: cotton, linen. It is good if a mattress cover removable, it allows to erase it from time to time. Aged after a year it is possible to replace a mattress with model of average rigidity. For saving of time and means there are bilateral mattresses. One their party is made of a coco, and the second of softer materials. Since the birth about one year the child sleeps on a rigid surface, and after a year the mattress is overturned.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team