Children's insomnia and its reasons

Children's insomnia and its reasons

Whether often there are problems to put the child to bed? The question and a situation are quite relevant, but only here the reasons of why the child does not want to sleep, can be much.

The main reasons for children's insomnia and as to fight against them

Energy. One of the most popular and often found causes of insomnia and just unwillingness to go to bed is the surplus of children's energy. Can quite be that the child just did not manage to spend still all the day stock of energy, and to it still, even in the middle of the night, there is a wish to run about, make a noise and to jump instead of going to bed. It will be good if the child spends several hours a day on the street, playing with the peers. Together, playing, they will actively move, run, jump and in every possible way to spend large supplies of the energy.

One important point: sometimes parents give something to the child day in the evening, and it is very big mistake. Even if the child was tired, he all the same will find forces on that being played with a gift, to study it and to consider attentively.

Day regimen and its non-compliance. Do you have certain time in which you put the child to bed? No? Well, then it is possible not to complain that the child refuses a dream when you demand it from it. The high security and a daily routine is necessary for the child! It is necessary to achieve that the child went to bed approximately in one and too time on automatic equipment. Over time, gradually, the child will get used to go to bed in one and too time, and problems with laying will just disappear. But it is not necessary to do indulgences if the child begins to cry or will ask to play a little more. If at least once you concede to him, the child realizes that it is easy to manipulate you. 

The shortage of attention from parents. For days on end dad with mom at work, and in the evening at them is a lot of household chores therefore they practically have no time for the child. You are strongly busy? Well, then hopes that the child quickly and precisely will fall asleep in time are vain. Besides, having just laid him and having hastily kissed, you will also achieve nothing. Remember that the child needs parental attention, and he has the right to it. After good communication with parents the child will be happy and will go to bed more willingly.

Monsters. If the child often feels fears of someone or something, you should not abuse him or to shout at him because all this children's imaginations, and is very serious problem. In order that the child was not afraid of monsters, it is impossible to allow him to watch horror films, horror stories or cruel animated films. And not only before going to bed, but also in general during the day. If already late, and the child is afraid of monsters, it is necessary to include a night lamp for the night and to say to the child that in his room there is a kind hero who drives away all monsters.

Improper feeding. Whether it is possible to put the kid to bed if before the dream he ate sweets and washed down them with sweet of teas. Sugar is known that it makes active human nervous system so the kid who used sweet before going to bed will fall asleep far not at once. It is the best of all to give before going to bed warm milk with honey, they have the excellent calming effect.

Situation. The child should be fenced off from scandals between parents, especially in the evening. It will be very difficult to child to fall asleep if she in a day or towards evening becomes the witness of parental scandals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team