Children's jealousy: how to prepare the child

Children's jealousy: how to prepare the child

No matter, how many years now to your child. At any age of the kid it is necessary to prepare for appearance of the brother or little sister morally. And it is necessary to treat it with all responsibility.

How to prepare the child for appearance of the brother or sister

Do not hide the pregnancy from the child. He is the full member of family and has the right to know about fast replenishment. Tell the child that in a tummy mummy has a little kid who will become for it the brother or the little sister. Tell: "Once and you were at me in a tummy, and now became already such big".

Try to adjust the child now on the fact that this little man will become for him dearest that he will play with him together, to walk. Get children's photos of your firstborn, show him what it was small. Viewing a family album is necessary in order that the child had no thought that the little sister (or the brother) will be born and at once will run to play with it in the park. The child has to understand that at first there will be a small peeping lump for which it is necessary to care who needs to be loved.

Tell the senior child as you taught it to sit, go, eat independently. Explain that when the kid is born, you together teach him to all the same. At a conversation surely tell approximately following: "You will be a senior. You already so much are able. And give when your little sister grows up, we will teach her to put a pyramid, you are already able to do it? Will you help me?" Let the child will feel the importance and responsibility.

Try to convince even before childbirth the kid of the most important – mom will love all equally. The kid should have no feeling at all that with birth small you will cease to love it, or will love less. Talk about it now. After the birth of the younger child at you will be efforts much more, than now. And the children's jealousy all the same will be, deal with this issue in advance.

Let's the senior child touch your stomach when small is pushed. It will be very interesting to it. Answer all questions – "And why it is pushed? And I was pushed too? And it will be long pushed?" and others.

As it is correct to behave after the birth of the second child

If you make all aforesaid, then after the delivery praise yourself. Because there will catastrophically not be enough time. But anyway, under any circumstances even if you are ready to drop and you dream only of a pillow, do not deprive the senior child of the attention! Kind of you were not tired, play with the child, read the fairy tale, just talk to the kid. He lacks you very much now. Practically all your time leaves on care of small.

Try to communicate more now with the senior child. It is important that in the first days after the delivery your kid did not become reserved, and did not begin to be jealous of you of small. Now his beloved mom will care for one little man. Communicate with the child to understand that he feels in relation to the smallest penis of family.

You praise the senior as often as possible. Let know that you love him. You love the same as earlier. That it is still expensive to you. Do not punish the child, explain to him what to rustle, for example, when sleeps small is impossible. And that he will wake up, and will cry.

- "You are an adult. Let's not offend the kid".

Try to ask the senior child about the help. For example, in bathing of small. Let will just be near, will give shampoo, soap. Let will understand that it has to care for the little man, he is a senior. But not in which case do not leave children alone even for a minute! In such situations the hidden children's aggression if it is is very often shown. When at first sight senior child with warmth and care treats the kid, and actually is jealous and is angry that mom finds for him less time now.

Do not force the senior child (even if he already quite independent for this purpose) to sit with the kid when he does not want it. For example, the child was going to go to play in the yard, and you put him to look behind small. In this case the rage often appears.

- "Wons Vanka (Katki, Lenki, Petka) has no brother – he walks to himself quietly. And me sit now! Also I need nobody at all".

You do not bring to such situation. Let the senior look behind younger when he wants it. Eventually – he is still a child!

Clear a situation with children's toys. It is not necessary to ask the senior child to give younger all toys at once, explaining that they now the general. Let everyone will have personal toys and some general. That there were no problems – "This mine! No, this mine!" At the same time then teach children to share toys with each other, and it needs to teach too.

The children's jealousy will manage to be avoided hardly. But you can be prepared thoroughly for it in advance. And to give answers to yet not asked child's questions. The main thing – attention. Attention equally. Allocate a couple of hours in day when you are engaged only with the senior child. You are very necessary to it now. Your care and caress for it will be better than any words. Let in your family there will be only a love and harmony!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team