Children's neurosises: treatment and advice to parents

Children's neurosises: treatment and advice to parents

Some experts assume that the children's neurosises proceeding benign pass independently, it is not necessary to treat them. However when neurotic violation is very strongly expressed when symptoms complicate life to both the child, and parents, the immediate environment, it is necessary to carry out correction of a state.

There are different types of children's neurosises. They are followed as the general signs, and have the concrete symptoms characteristic of any given look. If the condition of the child causes concern if the symptomatology is very strong and does harm to health, worsens quality of life of the child, it is necessary to address for consultation the expert.

Children's neurosises are rather successfully treated. In some cases will be to hold enough some sessions of personal or group psychotherapy. In other situations when neurosis too strong and expressed, can be required additional drug treatment. Only the doctor has to select and appoint medicines, it is always necessary to remember it. Besides, successful disposal of neurosis at children's age will depend in many respects on a situation in family, on education and the atmosphere in which the child lives and grows. Therefore parents should know what conditions need to be created quicker to save the child from a neurotic state.

Professional help

The choice of option of psychotherapy depends on neurosis type, on the general condition of the child, on those problems which are present at life of the little patient, and, of course, from the prime cause because of which the neurotic state developed.

Well proved the following types of therapy in treatment of children's neurosises:

  • the animaloterapiya – is under construction on the basis of interaction of the child with animals (dogs, horses, dolphins, cats and so on); similar approach very well reduces stress, teaches the child to contact correctly to the world around and positively affects a condition of children's mentality;
  • art therapy – can include drawing, a molding, knitting, origami and other options of creativity; helps to monitor changes in a condition of the child, perfectly is suitable for disposal of internal tension, for work with children's fears;
  • the igroterapiya – impact on the child occurs by means of a game; special situations when which playing the child learns are modelled to operate the emotions and the behavior, finds a way out of difficult situations, gets rid of accumulated in a stress and so on;
  • autogenic trainings – effectively save over time from many symptoms of children's neurosises, help "to dump" tension;
  • work with installations – can be carried out both in a condition of wakefulness, and as a result of hypnosis (at heavy neurotic frustration); is based on formation of positive installations in consciousness of the little patient.

Besides, at treatment of children's neurosises the family psychotherapy when work is carried out not only with the child, but also with parents can yield favorable and fast results.

Also It should be noted that, for example, it is possible to be engaged in art therapy with children with neurosises and in house conditions. Creativity in general very positively affects the identity of the child, helps to develop emotional intelligence.

Advice to parents

In spite of the fact that a number of neurotic states, according to experts, passes independently with age, even in that case parents should not "chuck in" a condition of the child. It is important to create the corresponding conditions which would have a positive impact on children's health and helped to get rid of a neurotic state quicker.

What can parents of the house make, wishing to help the child to cope with neurosis?

  • To correct the behavior and approach in education. Neurosises at any age become aggravated and pass into a severe form if the person constantly is in a stressful, intense situation, is forced to do what he does not want to make at all and so on. Therefore it is important to parents to create the favorable, comfortable and warm atmosphere of the house which would calm the child and lightened it the mood. It is worth refusing toxic forms of education which do not do well to children's mentality also. Never it is impossible to abuse the child or to punish him for some acts and actions which are symptoms of neurotic frustration. So, for example, if the child peed the pants at night, it is not necessary to shout at him and to stand him in the corner, to leave without sweet or to punish physically. Similar will only aggravate a state.
  • Not to allow the child to plunge into a condition of neurosis. Parents should not focus excessively attention on symptoms of children's neurosis. It is not necessary to talk constantly to the child about his fears and alarms if they dominate as a symptom. Certainly, it is necessary to find out that the child feels what he thinks of. However it is not necessary to create the soil for children's imaginations which could aggravate a state.
  • You should not forbid the child to express emotions and feelings. Suppression in this case will lead only to strengthening of neurosis. At the same time it is important to teach the child as it is correct to release emotions that his behavior was not inadequate.
  • It is important to try to exclude a severe stress and various situations which could lead to an additional psychotrauma from the child's life. If for certain it is known what provoked development of neurosis at children's age, then it is necessary to try to liquidate this prime cause. You should not try to put into practice "shock therapy", pushing together the child with his fears in a situation of neurosis of alarm and fear. Similar can negatively affect a condition of the child extremely.
  • Parents have to correct a day regimen of the child. Neurotic violation can be aggravated if the child does not fill up, is too loaded, has no opportunity to normally have a rest and go about the own business. It is important to provide to the child personal space, to provide to it at least a little free time.

Experts also recommend to give at treatment of children's neurosises to the child vitamins, to balance a diet of its food, to walk and move more. If there is an opportunity, then the little patient it is worth writing down to the pool or in any sports section. Adequate physical activity not only in general will have a positive impact on health, but also will help to get rid of tension, a stress.

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