Children's offenses

Children's offenses

The child can find support and protection only in the loving family at the heavy moments of the life. For this reason the offense caused by the dearest person can become the hardest shock.

The child will be wounded by humiliation at strangers. To some children for calm only the disapproving look of mom, and some – cotton on a bottom at all in the eyes suffices. But not always the child reacts to it the same as at home. Therefore try to abuse the kid in the distance from others eyes.

The whimsical condition of the child can be provoked by something that he cannot explain yet. And adults, without wishing to understand the reasons of such behavior, heat a situation the shout and quite often lightning punishment. Be more attentive to the child. Always during the next whim ask a question: "And what my kid wants?"

Many parents of the kid constantly compare to someone. Tell about some child that already very long time ago everything is able to do much better, quicker, more accurately, etc. Try not to do it even if strongly there is a wish, and you feel that you are right for all 100%. On the contrary – you praise the kid more often, even for insignificant success.

The child has the right for commission of own mistakes: bruises on a knee, the torn book, the broken ware. So he learns the world. Be always ready to listen as he made it, but do not interrupt a phrase: "I and knew!"

Respect work of the child. Happens that the hand-made article made by the kid looks not really tidily, and the drawn cow is similar to a dinosaur more. However it should not be the cause for sneers and ejection of such "masterpieces" as garbage. If decide to throw out something, make it imperceptibly for the kid. And keep the most interesting in a separate box and periodically look through together with him.

Children very much take offense when adults do not keep promises. Always try not to promise the child of what be not able to execute. Often it seems to parents that their kid is still too small and everything will forget. But children can not forget the promise made by him. Without having executed promised – you will lose his trust to you.

Let's make every effort for happiness of the children. And often it depends not on expensive gifts and fashionable clothes – and on how parents of the kid love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team