Children's room: the developing objects for the kid

Children's room: the developing objects for the kid

They say, even walls help with native space. If to speak about babies, developing and useful is each square centimeter!


1. Nursery: in the country to a chudesponachal to the kid enough bright spots in an interior. They help eyes to be focused on a subject. Therefore several balloons attached to a wall near a bed are appropriate as a part of a situation. It is possible to establish on a bed to the mobile phone in two months. At the same age interest in toys is born.

2. PogremushkiShumnyy objects will help to understand function of hands, palms and fingers. Regular manipulations will lead to understanding that depends on it when as how to take. Moreover, it can squeeze out of a rattle at most of sounds. Especially if diligently to bang it on a bed back.

3. ZerkaloNebolshoe, attached to a bed back, it will carry away first of all color shadows on a smooth surface. Looking at the reflection, the kid gradually will understand who this beautiful pink-checked angel (such is mother's characteristic of the personality in a world behind the looking-glass). Psychologists say what just by means of a mirror the kid for the first time realizes own "I". A game with a mirror entertains, pleases and very long does not bother. It is necessary to consider himself properly!

4. The small piece of fabric is good vsemy it is possible to twirl in handles, to taste. But the most important that with it the cheerful game "Who Here?" turns out. Mom hides a face behind a scarf as if behind a screen. Then sharply lowers it and asks: "Who here?" Reaction of the tot - joy in pure form. He laughs, pulls handles and does by legs "bicycle". Experts call this phenomenon "a revival complex".

5. The KubikiPervyy building site of the kid will be in the nursery. Exactly here the child will put a cube on a cube and will build a tower. And then with noise will destroy a design that in a minute to repeat everything. By the way, from the earliest age accustom it to that he always put the toys in the nursery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team