Children's whooping cough

Children's whooping cough

Diseases of children always brought a lot of trouble upon parents and children. Whooping cough is especially dangerous in the first years of life of the child. If does not address the doctor in time, there can come complications and even a lethal outcome. In the modern world there are whooping cough inoculations which considerably reduce statistics of a disease of children of this illness. It is worth noticing that inoculations nevertheless are important, despite refusal of many mummies of inoculations.

This disease is transmitted in the airborne way, and gets into the child's blood, causing a severe cough. The koklyushny stick which gets into airways of the child causes it. Whooping cough at children is shown after the first week of a disease. The disease from the first days begins small cold, cough. That is it is very similar to a catarrhal disease. Having a little received medical treatment, the parent with confidence sends the child to a garden with small cough. Here – that all the most interesting begins. Cough of the child amplifies, and has paroxysmal character. The child coughs paroxysmally, to vomiting.

In such situation urgently address the doctor who will find out the nature of a disease by means of special analyses. But, if the child begins to cough with the first week of a disease, do not hurry to draw conclusions. Just on the first week the cough is considered norm. Disease duration from four weeks to two months. At the age of children up to two years, whooping cough exhausts an organism and can bring even to pneumonia. Hospitalization as their immunity is still rather weak is without fail recommended to the least children about one year, and the child needs constant control of doctors. During a disease it is worth limiting the child from communication with other children.

Care for the sick child comes down first of all to airing of the room, and the correct day regimen in which to be allocated the special place to walks in the fresh air. If the child is inclined after fits of coughing to vomitings, begin meal after fits of coughing. The diet of the child has to consist of high-calorie, semi-fluid food. To children the bed rest is more senior it is not required, and here it will be necessary for kids. But, do not self-medicate at all. Surely show the child to the expert. The doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis. The correct treatment will save you from unpleasant situations and complications. Health of your children in your hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team