Children stair-steppers

Children stair-steppers

Some parents, of course, plan children of pellets, but most often, it becomes surprise.

And what you expects in case you decide to give birth to the second child right after the first?! Running forward, it is the most right option for all who consider themselves by good, full-fledged family.

First of all there is a question "will you cope or not?" you will cope! You already know everything, are able to do everything. You any more in panic will not call an ambulance if your kid cannot do a poo in any way, you will go, and with full confidence in correctness of the actions, will make to him an enema. Or exhaust tubule! In your first-aid kit there is everything that is necessary.

A little problemno will walk or go to policlinic. One with might and main runs, the second in a carriage. It is heavy. Hard, being a pregnant woman, with a huge paunch, to lull on handles of the senior child. It is heavy when are ill. As a rule, if one got sick, with a trace also the second gets sick, and, mom there!

Jealousy of the senior children not always such as it is described. Most often it is absent at all. At a small difference, they understand little. For them it will be interesting and informative. Naturally, it is necessary to pay enough attention to both. And in the future, they will become the best friends, will support each other and to help. Younger will promptly grow and will begin to repeat everything after the senior. Questions of a pot, a nipple and the first steps will be solved on one-two.

Financial question. Money is always not enough, they are always not enough. And with the advent of the second kid, nothing in a root will exchange. Except that you present life to one more little man. If same-sex, then all clothes you already have children! And it is not necessary to buy anything. If heterosexual kids, then too nothing terrible, a lot of things are during a time, despite color scale. You will also not need to buy carriages, beds, a swing, the sledge and small bottles. So, in respect of finance, you will save more, than will spend.

So, children stair-steppers is joy doubly! These are two hearts which fight with your hearts at the same time. These are two pairs of hands which strong hold you and do not release anywhere. These are two smiles, it is joyful laughter, all this what good mom and dad can only dream of.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team