Chorion presentation: reasons, danger, treatment

Chorion presentation: reasons, danger, treatment

The term "chorion" is applied by obstetricians-gynecologists to designation of a placenta in the first trimester of pregnancy. Chorion presentation – the pathological state capable to lead to undesirable consequences.

What is chorion presentation

Chorion – the fleecy cover of fetal egg providing its growth and development. At the normal course of pregnancy it is implanted into an internal cover of a bottom of a uterus, and then - on a lobby, back and sidewalls. Presentation of chorion means its wrong arrangement. It is attached not to a uterus body, and takes its lower segment. Full or partial overshoot of an internal pharynx of the cervical channel going from a uterus is sometimes observed. This diagnosis is most dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy. Usually in process of growth of a fruit the placenta rises up, but in certain cases it does not occur.

When there is presentation

The reasons of development of this pathological state are up to the end not studied. However it is allocated several factors promoting the wrong arrangement of chorion. Among them – chronic inflammatory diseases of a uterus, postoperative hems, myoma, anomalies of development of a uterus and a large number of childbirth in the anamnesis.

Symptoms of the wrong arrangement of chorion

As a rule, this pathology is diagnosed during performing planned ultrasonography in the absence of any complaints from the woman. There are cases when presentation is followed by bleedings from a genital tract against the background of full wellbeing. Usually such external factors as excessive physical activity, sexual intercourse and reception of a hot bathtub contribute to their development.

Possible complications

Presentation of chorion is one of the most serious obstetric problems capable to lead to a number of complications from a fruit and mother. Termination of pregnancy, a delay of pre-natal development of a fruit and its death, the expressed anemia at the woman at often repeating bleedings concerns them.

Chorion presentation treatment

Specific treatment of this pathology does not exist. Therapeutic actions are directed to prevention of termination of pregnancy and treatment of possible complications. When diagnosing presentation of chorion during ultrasonography carrying out a complex of therapeutic actions in the conditions of a hospital is offered to the woman. The high bed rest, ultrasonography control, administration of drugs for decrease in a tone of a uterus and vitamins for pregnant women is recommended to her. At an extract home the pregnant woman has to exclude physical activities, stressful situations and sexual contacts. Emergence of bloody allocations is a reason for the emergency appeal to gynecologic office and prescribing of styptic medicines. At the massive bleeding menacing to a condition of the woman the termination of pregnancy is carried out.

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