Cocoa for pregnant women: advantage or harm

Cocoa for pregnant women: advantage or harm

Cocoa quite often call food of the gods. Beans contain a large amount of useful substances therefore drink from such product well influences a human body. Hot cocoa with milk has the toning properties and pleasant taste. This fragrant drink can be present at a diet of pregnant women, but it is necessary to use it in small amounts.

Popular children's drink of cocoa has unforgettable taste. The burning liquid flavored with sugar or cinnamon perfectly warms and gives force. The surprising structure of cocoa does it especially useful to pregnant women. However at consumption of drink it is necessary to consider existence of contraindications.

Advantage of cocoa for pregnant women

Cocoa contains huge amount of vitamins, minerals, organic acids. So, cocoa beans are rich with calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins of group B, E, RR, beta carotene, folic acid and others important for health pregnant with substances. Drink of cocoa gives cheerfulness, helps to forget about fatigue.

Pregnant women can drink cocoa and it is necessary because the product contains natural antidepressant feniletamin. Therefore drink helps to cope with a stress, insomnia. Because of availability of antidepressants in structure, cocoa allows to strengthen immunity. Cocoa beans normalize arterial blood pressure, promote heal wounds and well influence skin. Drink from powder of cocoa reduces viscosity of blood, also this product has light diuretic effect. Cocoa improves work of a brain. Despite the caffeine content, drink, coffee or black tea is less harmful to pregnant women, than. It is worth drinking cocoa to future mothers since morning not to interrupt a sleep.

Possible harm of cocoa at pregnancy

Doctors advise to drink cocoa in small amounts during pregnancy because cocoa beans are strong allergens. You should not forget also about possible individual intolerance, cocoa can cause the strongest allergic reaction in comparison, for example, with a citrus. To provoke a cocoa allergy maybe at the kid in the future therefore at pregnancy it is necessary to use a day no more than two cups of cocoa a day. Drink from powder of cocoa is not recommended to people with the increased arterial blood pressure. Small content of caffeine can have an adverse effect on health of future mom. It is worth drinking cocoa with care during pregnancy and therefore that this product promotes washing away of calcium from an organism. Therefore the woman can face deficiency of substance. Cocoa contains purine, at consumption of drink in high doses this component can lead to accumulation of uric acid. Because sugar is usually added to cocoa, the product is not recommended for patients with diabetes, at the excess weight. And if you are tormented by doubts concerning presence of cocoa at a diet, it is necessary to consult the gynecologist. Also pregnant it is necessary to be attentive to quality of drink, in its structure there should not be dyes, fragrances and other harmful additives.

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