Conception of the child: the best poses

Conception of the child: the best poses

Quite popular belief among many couples planning pregnancy is simplicity of conception – as if for its approach enough one unprotected sexual intercourse. In certain cases at women really it turns out to become pregnant from the first. And those couples which with it had problems should pay attention to poses in which conception can quicker come.

The main a desire the first stage need to be chosen such poses in which sperm will freely not flow from a vagina – the more spermatozoa will remain inside, the chances of pregnancy approach are higher. The most successful pose is considered missionary – it allows the maximum volume of sperm to get into a neck of the uterus at once, besides, it suits nearly all couples which do not have physiological features in the structure of genitals. The knee and elbow pose as in it sperm penetration depth significantly increases is not less effective for successful conception. Spermatozoa freely get into a neck of the uterus, and thanks to pripodnyatny hips of the woman, eyakulit almost completely remains inside.

Fans of experiments can have sex in different positions, accepting the pose, necessary for conception, just before ejaculation.

Also gynecologists recommend to conceive the child in a general pose – when the legs of the woman bent in knees are on the partner's shoulders. This position also gives maximum penetrations of spermatozoa into vagina depth, at the same time enhancing sharpness of feelings and increasing chance of a multiple orgasm. Perfectly proved in respect of successful conception also a pose of "spoon" when partners lie the person to each other or on one side (the man behind). In this situation the penis approaches a neck of the uterus practically in an emphasis that after an ejaculation allows sperm to remain longer in a vagina. To increase fertilization probability, to the woman it is necessary to lie down a little more after sexual intercourse in one of above-mentioned poses. Poses for the choice poladlya conceptions of the boy need to be chosen the poses guaranteeing the deepest penetration of sperm as spermatozoa with a men's genotype very not for long live under the influence of the environment. Besides, before fertilization it is better for man to refuse visit of a bath or a sauna as male chromosomes badly transfer the increased temperature. Also the probability of the birth of the boy will raise a female orgasm at which the special secretion prolonging life to spermatozoa with a men's genotype will be emitted.

Ideal time for conception is day on the eve of an ovulation – approximately in twelve-twenty four hours prior to its approach.

It is necessary to conceive the girl in poses with superficial penetration as chromosomes with a female genotype live longer, but move more slowly therefore the chance of fertilization at them is much higher in comparison with "men's" spermatozoa. For fertilization two-three days before an ovulation are considered as the most successful as such chromosomes – at the same time it is not recommended to have sex in the period of an ovulation and for two days after its termination. The best poses for conception of the girl are "spoons" and a missionary position in which the man can control penetration depth. If the woman has a uterus bend, it is necessary to give preference to a knee and elbow position.

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