Congenital stridor at the child. What is it and how to help

Congenital stridor at the child. What is it and how to help

Stridor is the noisy whistling breath caused by the complicated passing of air through airways. This symptom often develops at children up to 3 years as a result of the most various reasons. Severe forms of a stridor can lead to suffocation therefore demand immediate rendering medical assistance.

Newborns can have a congenital stridor that is connected with anomalies of pre-natal development. Hypostasis of airways as a result of allergic reaction, the paralysis of vocal chords, various tumors, foreign matters which got into airways are other reasons of development of this symptom. Bad attacks of a stridor can sometimes arise against the background of an infectious disease and inflammation of a throat.

Often the stridor can be shown only in rather noisy breath of the child at preservation of the general stable state. However during bronchitis, an acute respiratory disease or pneumonia this syndrome can develop in a critical form promptly. Emergence of an otdyshka and the whistling sound on a breath, often is followed by crying that complicates breath even more.

Parents need to call ambulance crew as soon as possible. Expecting the doctor, it is necessary to calm the child. It is the best of all to make it, having switched attention of the child to toys or your actions, for example, it is possible to clap in palms. Cool the room. Open a window leaf or turn on the conditioner, it is possible to rise with the child wrapped in a blanket at an open window or to come to a balcony. Cool air promotes reduction of puffiness of airways.

The arrived physicians have to render to the child the qualified help which nature depends on its state at the moment. Medicamentous therapy can include inhalations with use of the hormonal medicines directed to removal of hypostasis. Also at inhalations adrenaline which promotes stabilization of the general condition of the patient can be used. It is important to know that at the children who once endured a stridor the threat of repeated development of an attack remains therefore it is necessary to watch closely their breath and to ask for medical assistance at the first disturbing symptoms.

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