Correct punishment for the child

Correct punishment for the child

In the course of education of the child the parents often do not know concrete ways which it is possible to punish the child for any given oversight such in the way not to touch and to break its psychological state. Most of teachers claim that the physical measure of punishment will not be able to result in estimated results, then the child can have a fear of parents. Remember that the child has to not be afraid of you, and respect, and this respect has to appear not for fear.

You should not punish the child reading, the letter or hunger for bad behavior, such measures of punishment completely contradict his needs of nature. It is the best of all to understand his behavior and to accurately define fault. If the child is not guilty, and you punished him, then prepare that you will have an embittered child who will grow up the negative teenager. Unfair punishments will always lead to full loss of respect and trust for which place there will be a fear and rage.

Besides, it is worth defining after careful consideration rules and standards of behavior in family and, already on the basis of it, to impose sentences in case of their non-compliance. Punishments have to be various depending on severity of disobedience. If in family there are several children, then remember that punishments for them have to be completely identical. If played mean tricks both, and received only one, then he will nurse on you a grievance of injustice.

It is also necessary to remember that in the course of education of the child it is impossible to offend, apply abuse or to point out his inferiority. Well and, of course, it is impossible to compare it to other children and if you threatened it with punishment, then it surely has to be that the child felt the importance of parental words.

The most widespread types of punishments from pedagogics are conversations, ignoring, restriction of actions. What does ignoring mean? The attention of his parents is especially important for all children. It is known that children play about that they paid attention to them. Ignoring also means that you need to warn the child that if he does better not behave, will not play and communicate with it. It is necessary to explain it to the child with low, quiet voice. If to ignore the child's acts, he will have an opportunity to conceive over the acts.

Conversations. They are of particular importance in education of the child. It is necessary to lead discussions also in a quiet situation, for the purpose of recognition of the reasons of his behavior. Talk to him language clear to it and you remember that scandals and shouts make the child closed.

Also it is necessary to remember such type of punishment as restriction of the movement, such punishment influences the child very strongly. At small age the active movement for the child is a key component and for this reason restriction is very useful.

It should be noted that some acts of children lead to punishment. For example, the child did not want to put on gloves and freezed to himself hands. In such cases it is necessary to explain to the child of the reason and consequence of his disobedience.

Well and, perhaps, especially important – punish the child only for those offenses which happened just, but not hour, two or a day ago. The child has to chuvstvat that you love him, but do not punish ""for the future"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team