Critical thinking at the child: what with it to do?

Critical thinking at the child: what with it to do?

According to children's psychologists and teachers, the childhood period before arrival of the child in school, is the most important for the kid. To three-year age the child gets experience which is extremely important for determination of his mentality, character and outlook. Critical thinking begins to develop since one and a half years – as to help the kid to create it correctly?

All about critical thinking

The psychology considers critical thinking one of the most difficult thought processes which allows to analyze and interpret information obtained from the outside. Also by means of critical thinking the preschool child begins to ask questions, being interested in the answer, adduces arguments in protection of the opinion and draws logical conclusions.

Critically conceiving child will always be able to reason the position, based on logic of the interlocutor.

It is necessary to develop this type of thinking at the child since childhood, answering everything "why" and "why" child. His family has to explain to the kid a peace arrangement, showing consideration for desire of the child to learn everything and about everything. So he will be able to draw conclusions on the arrived information and to create the relation to any given things. If the child does not agree with you or the peers, try to find out from him the reason of his persistence accurately. If he manages to reason adequately the disagreement, so despite preschool age, its critical cogitative level is rather high. Otherwise development of critical thinking is slowed obviously down, and you have to the child help with it.

How to develop critical thinking

First of all try to accustom the kid to think logically – the logic has to be present at his statements from the earliest age. For this purpose it is necessary to state the judgments in the presence of the child, at the same time proving them. Also development of critical thinking can take place as a game – suggest the child to draw a conclusion after reading of the fairy tale, to compare objects and to find their common features.

At the argument of opinion reject an argument "I so want" or "so it is pleasant to me" - it can distort formation of critical thinking.

That critical thinking developed, teach him to doubt and not to trust all facts in a row. Surely encourage inquisitiveness of the child that he asked as much as possible questions – so the kid considerably will broaden the horizons and in the future will grow up more educated person. Remember that the child should not learn to draw hasty conclusions: let at first finds all information, and then already thinks what with it to do. It will be quite good if he begins to point to errors in your judgments – it means that the level of its critical thinking develops with great strides. Be not afraid of it, you have just very clever child.

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