Day regimen in a garden and houses

Day regimen in a garden and houses

Circulation of the child in kindergarten brings many innovations in his life. All this is important for it and sometimes hard. Except new understanding of, new duties, new friends, games and classes, the kindergarten introduces in life of the child and a new day regimen. It becomes frequent it a stumbling block on the way to full mutual understanding between the tutor and the child.

First, it is early rise. For some children it in principle is not a problem. But here some children got used to get up late. Sharp change of time of morning rise is heavy and not only will not bring pleasure, but also can cause problems in behavior and even to affect health.

Therefore parents of such children should in advance begin to accustom the child to a certain schedule. Of course, just to you it is not necessary to lift in one "wonderful" day the child for three hours before usual. Time of rise needs to be displaced gradually, every day for about 10 minutes. And after a while the child will wake up in due time.

But to wake not the most important. It is necessary to occupy the woken-up child with something. Not just like that parents lift him in such wound. Each rise has to be conscious and bear for itself something new and interesting. Then the child will get up with pleasure. And it will not be heavy to nobody the necessary duty.

The second important change in a day regimen – an after-dinner dream in kindergarten. Here it is necessary too to begin to accustom to this time in advance. Parents need to learn the schedule of a garden and gradually gradually to arrange a daily routine of the child to the mode of kindergarten. Then transition to the same familiar rituals, but on the new place will be less problem both for the child and for parents with tutors. In the same way it is possible to arrive and over time meal. Then the child already by the fixed time will hunger. Problems at tutors with such child will be out be at a breakfast or a lunch much less. It is even better if in additives to it the child is accustomed to eat various food. In kindergarten the child should eat both soups and porridges, irrespective of his personal preferences and habits. But also when the child already goes to kindergarten, you should not forget about a day regimen. Even on the weekend it is necessary to adhere to it at least approximately. Otherwise the child's organism after every weekend will have the new stress connected with the next change of the mode.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team