Day regimen of the child from 0 to 3 months

Day regimen of the child from 0 to 3 months

Newborn children demand a special care. They are almost helpless, they need attention twenty four hours a day. Mamam at first is necessary very hard therefore it is better at once to begin to accustom the kid to a certain mode.

How to make a day regimen for the child from zero to three months

Newborn children have one task - well to eat and raise. Feedings also should be taken as a day regimen basis. To the children who are on breastfeeding, slightly more difficult. Mom cannot know for sure how many milk was drunk by the kid and when he wants to eat next time. Therefore often mothers practice feeding "on demand", but in this case to set the mode rather difficult. However it is possible to try to keep a diary of feedings, weighing the child every time how it was attached to a breast. By means of electronic scales it will turn out to learn how many milk was drunk. Having correlated these data, mom will understand when the kid drinks more when it is less. Also will learn to calculate periods of time between a dream and food. It will also lay the foundation for drawing up a day regimen.

It is simpler to the children who are on artificial feeding to introduce the regime. By amount of the mix which remained in a small bottle it is visible at once, the kid gorged on or not. And through what time he will want to have a bite again. Though some pediatricians recommend to adhere to the schedule of feedings, observing certain intervals. And between them to dopaivat the kid water. What to do in each case, it is possible to find out only by practical consideration. You should not follow blindly advice of doctors, especially, their opinions often are opposite. It is important to watch behavior of the child and to listen to own feelings. Only then it is possible to build the most comfortable for mom and the newborn the mode.

Day regimen - that enters except a dream and feeding

Except a dream and feeding it is necessary to add nightly bathings, massage, exercises on elimination of gripes, walk to a day regimen of the newborn. Approximate day of mom and baby of the first month of life looks so: 07-00 - rise and feeding of the kid; 07-20 - washing of the child, change of a diaper, holding hygienic procedures - skin greasing by cream or powder use; 08-40 - feeding; 09-00 - dream; 11-00 - feeding; 11-20 - hygienic procedures, change of a diaper; 11-30 - walk; 13-00 - return home, feeding, dream; 15-00 - feeding; 15-20 - gymnastics on elimination of gripes; 15-30 - hygienic procedures; 15-40 - walk; 17-00 - return home, feeding, dream; 19-00 - feeding; 20-00 - massage; 20-30 - bathing, hygienic procedures; 22-00 - dream; 00-00 - feeding; 00-20 - dream; 04-00 - feeding; 04-20 - dream. Of course, the kid will introduce the amendments in this schedule. But the approximate day regimen is clear, and it is possible to try to adapt to it. In process of growing the dream number of hours in day will be reduced, as well as the number of feedings with consecutive increase in portions. By three months the kid sleeps most often two-three times a day, eats less often and more time is awake. He begins to recognize parents, to smile, say the first sounds. For mom the most interesting time begins, she sees reaction of the kid to own actions, learns to find contact with the child and every day loves and understands it more and more.

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