Dermatitis at the baby: reasons and ways of treatment

Dermatitis at the baby: reasons and ways of treatment

At the baby different factors, such as food allergy, the increased humidity, non-compliance with rules of hygiene, etc. can provoke dermatitis. In treatment of dermatitis it is important to eliminate the irritating factor which led to development of a disease.

Dermatitis – rashes on skin of various character. There are several forms of dermatitis: allergic, diaper, seboreyny, contact and atopic. Developing of dermatitis is connected with various reasons. The result of treatment will depend on successful identification of the factor which caused a disease.

Causes of dermatitis

Owing to long stay in pampers at the kid the diaper dermatitis can develop. Aggravation of current situation is promoted by the increased humidity and temperature indoors. Unbalanced food quite often leads to developing of allergic dermatitis. Besides the kid can be predisposed to this form of a disease genetically. For example, if at least one of parents suffers from any allergy, the child for 50% will be subject to this illness. If both parents are inclined to allergic reactions, the kid will suffer from dermatitis of the most various genesis, whether it be an allergy to pollen of plants or reaction to an external irritant.

Inflammation on skin can be a consequence of intake of medicines by the child. Same concerns cases when medical means are accepted by mom of the kid and continues to nurse him. The food allergy caused by the early feeding up which is not adapted to an organism of the baby is shown by rashes on skin. Errors in a diet of mother will not fail to affect a condition of his skin. Various chemical household means – laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, etc. can act as an external irritant.

Treatment of dermatitis

Treatment of dermatitis at babies comes down to achievement of remission. It is necessary to define a specific form of dermatitis in the shortest possible time and to exclude all provocative factors. Purpose of drug treatment has to be carried out only after all carried-out tests. First of all therapy by antihistaminic medicines – Supradin, "Tavegil", Diazolin, etc. is shown. It is important to keep to a hypoallergenic diet and to pay attention to clothes of the kid which have to minimize irritation of skin.

In treatment of dermatitis the great value is attached to air bathtubs and observance of rules of hygiene. The areas affected with rash are recommended to be processed the moisturizing creams – Bepanten, "D-panthenol", Topikrem, etc. Well proved ointments on the basis of lanolin. Contacts of the kid with household means for cleaning and washing need to be excluded completely. Duration of treatment is appointed by the doctor, but, as a rule, does not exceed one month.

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