Development and maintenance of pregnancy

Development and maintenance of pregnancy

Conception of the child is a miracle which occurs in a female body. And it is interesting to pregnant women to remember a school course of biology as it occurs.

At merge of an ovum and a spermatozoon, egg – a zygote is formed, cages share, egg grows, moves ahead in a uterus cavity. It is attached to a uterus and begins to emit hormones which stop a menstrual cycle. The attached egg – already an embryo. The embryo is formed on the second week – 200 sections, a small point. Already by the end of the second month, the embryo is created so that it is possible to learn human signs.

From third month of life already well attached fruit begins activity, its height of 7.5 cm, it already begins to move, but is too small that to feel it. On the fourth month it is already 20-25 cm, the skeleton begins to harden, cartilages turn into bones. On the fifth month the fruit begins to hear, it is possible to begin to communicate with it. On the 6th month height is 35 cm, weight is 1.5 kg. On the 7th month the fruit weighs already 2 kg, and height nearly 40 cm. On the 8th month of 2.5 kg, 45 cm. On the 9th month it grows so that to it it is already close, patrimonial activity begins.

It is proved that the emotional condition of mother strongly influences development and health of a fruit. On early terms from a stress it is possible to lose the child, and on big terms the stresses have negative effect on health of a fruit. When the pregnant woman is nervous, it is transferred to the kid, he begins to move uneasily and even postnatal problems with intestines are possible. Therefore it is necessary to avoid a stress, to think only of good. Future mother needs to watch carefully over the health, it is necessary to eat properly, it is enough to have a rest and refuse addictions. Mamam you should not be afraid to gain too much weight: it is necessary to eat more often, it is a lot of vegetables and fruit. In order to avoid hypostases to drink easy diuretic herbs and it is a lot of water.

Here so huge happiness, meaning of life of mothers and fathers grows from a small point. It is necessary to remember that pre-natal development is already life on which health of the child very strongly depends. Healthy quiet mom – the healthy quiet kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team