Development of the child

Development of the child

Children – peculiar creations. It seems that they will never learn independence, for example, will not even be able to hold tableware. But in one wonderful day your kid himself began to eat, and categorically rejects any attempts to help him with it. Perhaps, you teach the daughter to knitting by needles or a hook, but all efforts are vain. You should not be upset and nervous, most likely, this occupation not for her at all, there can be its calling to be a culinary specialist or the confectioner.

The important role in daily victories or defeats for kids is played by presence of parents nearby. At the moments of victories we test pride and happiness, we enjoy any their achievements. Sometimes to us it is a little sad and disturbing when at the child not everything turns out.

Task of parents is understanding of character of the child. But it is necessary not only to understand it, but also to accept it what it is. It is a guarantee of progress of the kid. You need to put its energy on the right track thinly. Only in this case your efforts will not be empty and will bear the necessary fruits. You will be helped by tactfulness and sensitivity. In certain cases it is worth making concessions to the kid.

All children individual, special on the development and character. It is not necessary to compare it to age-mates. Also you should not pay attention and to be obsessed with various plates on development of the children pointing to extent of possession of certain skills and abilities. It is quite natural if your child does not fit into this framework: perhaps, he lags behind or on the contrary, advances indicators.

Many psychologists and pediatricians consider that the most important emotional habits are put in the first three years of life of the kid. Further they have big impact on its development as persons. Try to devote to the child more time, to pay more attention, to show more care. So you will let to it to feel protected, loved and uniform with the family. Notice that the children who are not knowing love, heat and care of parents, in the future cannot trust other people, are not able to show the true feelings. Apathy and a depression accompany them.

For children of advanced age it is necessary to make demands. You should bend the line at his education at any age. It is necessary in order that it implicitly listened to you, did not argue, took your comments into consideration, but did not turn a deaf ear.

The major role when forming certain traits of character, qualities is played by children with various characters. Children not only, brought up in different families, but also, brought up by some parents can differ. It sometimes brings us into bewilderment why the younger child so differs from the senior. These differences were put in character at their birth. But also the style and methods of education influence emergence of these distinctions.

Therefore, your influence at early stages of formation of the identity of the child directly influences development of his skills, internal qualities. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team