Diet of the child in 6 months

Diet of the child in 6 months

To children at the age of six months begin to enter a feeding up, and need for mix or breast milk decreases. The kid becomes more and more active, spends much more energy, and therefore its diet demands adjustment.

Diet of the baby in 6 months

At the age of half a year at the child the transition period foretelling an adult diet when the menu consists of a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner begins. The baby needs to enter a feeding up into this period, since fruit or vegetable purees, nonmilk porridges. The new dish should be offered in the small portions – 0.25-0.5 teaspoons. Further it is possible to increase its volume up to the volume of a full-fledged lunch or a breakfast, that is to 150 grams. Then it is possible to replace with a feeding up also other meals. It is better to give a feeding up before applying to a breast while the kid is hungry.

The diet of the child in 6 months can look as follows:

- 6:00 first feeding: breast milk; - 10:00 second feeding: fruit puree, as a supplementary feeding breast milk; - 14:00 third feeding: porridge or vegetable puree; - 18:00 fourth feeding: breast milk and fruit puree (up to 30 grams); - 22:00 fifth feeding: breast milk.

Feeding time for each kid can be individual. However it should be taken into account that between meals it is necessary to do an interval at 3.5-4 o'clock in order that the baby gradually got used to an adult diet.

Diet of the child of 6 months who is on artificial feeding

To kids on artificial feeding enter a feeding up much earlier – from 4 or 5 months, into dependences on the recommendations of the pediatrician as nutrients which are necessary for full functioning of an organism, in mix to become insufficiently. By six months usually the child is already familiar with various fruit and vegetable purees, nonmilk and milk porridges, creamy and vegetable oil, a yolk, juice, cottage cheese and cookies. A diet of the 6-month-old child on artificial feeding: - 6:00 first feeding: the adapted mix (dairy or sour-milk) or kefir; - 10:00 three times feeding: milk porridge with butter, fruit puree; - 14:00 third feeding: vegetables soup on meat or vegetable broth, vegetable puree with vegetable oil, ½ yolks, fruit juice; - 18:00 fourth feeding: dairy mix or kefir, cottage cheese, cookies, fruit juice; - 22:00 fifth feeding: dairy mix or kefir. Gradually dairy products in a diet of the kid who is on artificial feeding are forced out by fruit, meat and vegetable dishes. Feeding of children bottle-fed babies needs to be made with intervals between meals at four o'clock. Between the main meals you should not give any having a snack that will allow the child to keep appetite.

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