Diet of the nursing mother: cranberry, cowberry, sea-buckthorn

Diet of the nursing mother: cranberry, cowberry, sea-buckthorn

The feeding mothers need to include the vitaminized products in the diet. If you wanted to eat such berries as a cranberry, cowberry and a sea-buckthorn, it is necessary to consult with the doctor as they during feeding by a breast can cause allergic reaction.

The organism of any kid in the first months after the birth is so weak that even the most harmless can cause the severe allergies at first sight components. And it is the not obligatory for child at all most to use the products causing allergic reaction as all allergens get into an organism of the baby together with milk of his mother. Therefore pediatricians recommend to young mothers who feed with the milk kids, to adhere to a special hypoallergenic diet.

What does the hypoallergenic diet consist in?

First, to the feeding mothers it is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcoholic drinks of any fortress. Those which contain the strongest allergens in the structure also belong to the forbidden products: crayfish, mackerel, crabs and chocolate.

The nursing mother cannot take also the drinks operating excitingly on very weak nervous system of the baby. Coffee and also black very strong tea belongs to such drinks. All these recommendations need to be carried out even in those cases if the child is absolutely healthy. If at the baby the allergic reaction to any products is already observed, then the feeding mom needs to refuse also some other products which can be referred to category of potential allergens, for example, from delicious fish dishes, honey, granulated sugar, nuts, eggs, smoked products, milk, tropical fruit, raspberry, strawberry and all citrus without exception.

Cranberry, cowberry and sea-buckthorn in a diet of the feeding mom

Many inexperienced mothers often ask a question of whether it is worth including in the menu berries of a sea-buckthorn, a cranberry, cowberry and the food made of them. On the one hand, these berries can be considered fully as the strongest allergens, and with another – they are real kladezyyu all and minerals which are necessary for restoration of an organism of young mom after pregnancy. Besides, these fruits have rich structure which would allow the baby to develop much quicker. Pediatricians recommend to treat cowberry, a cranberry and a sea-buckthorn at first carefully. Also it is recommended to use on only several berries. After a while, when the organism of the kid adapts to structure of these berries, from a cranberry and a sea-buckthorn it will be possible to prepare the most tasty nutritious and fruit drinks. Cowberry can be added to pies or to use fresh.

What useful properties do these berries have?

It is possible to note that the cranberry and cowberry are favourite products of many pregnant women. Fruit drinks from these berries promote removal from an organism of excess liquid, thus, the probability of emergence of puffiness decreases. In addition, cowberry and cranberry drinks are considered as the best prophylactic against varicose diseases and thrombophlebitises. These fruits are fine, absolutely harmless natural antibiotic and febrifuge. For this reason berries and fruit drinks from them are appointed at various catarrhal diseases and flu. As for a sea-buckthorn, fruits of this plant promote strengthening of health and immunity not only the feeding mom, but also her baby. The sea-buckthorn is recommended to use in small amounts and for increase in a lactation at young mothers.

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