Dill water for the feeding mom

Dill water for the feeding mom

Fennel – useful to an organism and a unique grass. In it there are a lot of minerals and vitamins: nicotinic and folic acid, iron, phosphorus, a large amount of vitamins B and S. Zelen and seeds of fennel use for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and improvement of a lactation.

Dill water for increase in a lactation

Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers had no opportunity to use modern means which are issued in the form of teas, drops and the mixes improving a lactation. They for increase in a lactation used at the time healthy nutrition and folk remedies.

Unfortunately, in the modern world of a problem with a lactation happen much more often than in those days. And nobody wants to lose precious association which happens only through feeding between mom and the child. And mothers begin to look for the reasons why the lactation was broken and as to restore it.

If to ask the woman in old age how to increase amount of milk at the feeding mom, she will answer that it is necessary to drink dill water. Except that dill water raises a lactation, it still is the fine decision for simplification of gripes at kids. And actually, almost in all teas in modern pharmacies for increase in a lactation in structure there are seeds of fennel and fennel. In pharmacies it is possible to buy also ready dill water. But it is sold only in such specialized pharmacies which make drugs according to the recipe. Dill water from pharmacy is prepared on the basis of fennel oil, it and is called – pharmaceutical fennel.

How to prepare dill water for inclusion in breastfeeding time?

Dill water easily is prepared in house conditions. The tablespoon of seeds of fennel in a dry form should be crushed, then to fill in with one glass of hot water. To give about two hours to infuse in heat. This infusion of fennel is drunk for increase in a lactation twice a day on a half-glass. Dill water for a lactation can also be prepared from fresh fennel, that is fennel greens. For this purpose it is necessary to take fresh greens of fennel, to crush it, to add one spoon of seeds to it, and then to fill in not with strongly hot water. After that ready mix should be put on a water bath and on it to sustain 15 minutes. The cooled-down broth is accepted to food in the small portions, by three times a day.

Whether fennel is useful to the feeding mom?

Along with fennel tinctures, the feeding mom useful will use this wonderful spice in dishes in fresh or in the processed look. When breastfeeding, fresh fennel can be added to a food allowance from the 10th day of life of the kid. The positive psychological spirit of mom and also strong desire to feed the baby with milk by all means is necessary for preservation of a lactation.

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