Early development of the child: advantage or harm

Early development of the child: advantage or harm

With the birth of the kid young mom has not only a feeling of happiness, but also it is a lot of questions connected with development and education of the child. A subject popular now – early development. Many mothers defend a position about its advantage, others, on the contrary, consider it waste of time or even harm for the kid. Is it necessary early development of the child and what advantage or harm it can do?

Numerous researches proved that the period aged from the birth up to six years is the most fertile for formation of prerequisites to further activity of the kid. At this time its physiological and mental features are formed, he grows and learns the world around. Whether it is worth loading it in addition and to accelerate events?

Difference between early development and training

For a start let's understand that implies early development of the child. You should not confuse it with early training or formation of prerequisites to successful training further. Development is a natural way during which the kid learns the world around, people around, masters objects and methods of action with them. Earlier training is provided by certain techniques and is directed to formation of skills: accounts, letters, language skills at that age when most of children of it are not able yet.

Early development and training: advantage and harm

Early development of the child was successfully applied even long before emergence of this term. Our grandmothers and grandfathers since childhood accustomed the child to work on the house. Younger performed feasible work, helping seniors. In the course of such work the kids learned a lot of new and interesting about the world and people, learned to carry out the simplest household instructions. All this was followed by speech explanations that also well influenced the general development of the child.

The fashion for early training appeared quite recently. Though parents had a thirst for "boasting" the of the child always. As it is pleasant to tell with pride to girlfriends that your kid already goes, reads in three years, knows a foreign language in five years, and to six it is already almost ready to flight in space. Whether it only is necessary for the child? Pediatricians and psychologists unanimously claim: no.

First, development purposeful earlier and training overloads weak nervous system of the kid. Present how it is heavy to focus to it on material which the teacher of special courses gives. Because of an overload only of the formed nervous system the child can have problems with a dream, frequent differences of mood.

The second serious problem of early development – replacement of some abilities with others. The brain of the kid develops gradually, from ability it is simple to recognize mom before control of own actions and emotions. It is impossible to demand knowledge of all letters of the alphabet from the child who owing to development wants to run and play. He will not be able just to remember them. Though diligent and diligent children sometimes come across (or mothers?) which know letters, but at the same time are not able to play the simplest games. Process of intellectual replacement will work in this case unconditionally and, alas, negatively.

To develop or not

Reflecting, to choose or not early development of the child, give preference to golden mean. Make a start from what is at the moment interesting to the kid. Talk to him much and often, explain how everything is arranged around. Do not insist on any type of activity even if all children of girlfriends are already able to do it. The main thing that is necessary for the child - it is mother's embraces and love, then at you with the kid everything surely will turn out. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team