Education by work

Education by work

In Muslim and large families norm is that children aged from four and up to eighteen years are busy with work. Feasible, let and not on an equal basis with parents. They do not loaf, without knowing, than to occupy itself, and on phone and the tablet, most likely, earned. And here to whom not before placement of a selfie on social networks... Is to what to learn from east people, the truth?

Summer. Seaside town. In the market quickly local Muslims trade in vegetables and fruit. Among dealers you will often meet children of 12 - 13 years. "Aunts Babbling, and tomatoes at us how much are?" - the full-faced brown-eyed girl shouts because of a counter, and, having received the answer, smartly counted to me delivery. "My younger brothers, four and six years, help mom too: she in a kitchen garden with seniors of a bed weeds and picks vegetables, and they greens in bunches knit. The father to me brings then, and I sell here." All at business. 

In modern society children are not accepted neither to foster, nor to bring up them work. Unfortunately. Because as a result we receive infantile young people and girls - consumers, with material values in the consciousness pyramid basis. And there is a wish to bring up strong men and gentle women who will begin to live, give birth and raise children, to continue a sort, to work for the good of this sort. What to do? From what how and when to begin? And to begin never late even if the child already reached teenage age. On the contrary, just at this time the person is most susceptible to influence of adults. The most important is to do not miss interest, not to wave away.

Such interest begins to be shown already on achievement by the child 1.5 - 2-year age. During this period it becomes difficult to do household chores and to cook food because the kid with curiosity tries to take part in process. If you are not angry and be not upset, then and allow the son or the daughter to help. You wash the dishes - give to the child a towel and charge to wipe spoons. Over time joint work will become a habit and will go easily and cheerfully. When you tide up, give to the kid the second rag - and let to dust it turns out not really qualitatively, but how many to pride and joy will give this occupation to the child. Do not point to mistakes at all and do not remake what is made by the kid, he spent for it much more than work, than you. On the contrary, praise with all the heart, the little man next time loved will want to help again and every time will turn out best of all and best of all. 

The sad show is represented ten-year-old, missing and tired of computer games, by the child when he does not know where to put itself(himself) on vacation. Entrust yours almost to the teenager a visit of shop to do shopping. The teenage boy can entrust simple man's work: to screw in a screw, to hammer a nail, to change a bulb and so on. You will see, your teenager with pleasure will begin to help, mom fragile and needing the help, and he almost already the man also is able to help it. Well and let it is not so dexterous as at dad, it turned out, but. It will raise the child's self-assessment. 

When mom begins to cook and, in particular, the furnace, for children it is similar to magic. Of course, the child will turn nearby and to distract. It is possible to shout and banish the annoying child. And it is possible to give a piece of the test and a rolling pin and to show how to roll dough. For a while the child will be busy and when rolls flat cake and is proud it will show, it is possible to suggest to put a stuffing and to make pie. And then to bake it together with other pies - to delight there will be no limit. The two-year-old child will already cope and with hashing in a pan of components of a dish it will be, however, necessary to control process. And let on cooking a little more time will be required - everything is compensated by happy sparkles in children's eyes.  

The four-five-year-old girl can begin to be trained in needlework. Just at this age it is very interesting to girls to try to sew or embroider. Spend half an hour of your precious time and carry out it with the child. Together cut out plain clothes for a doll, show to the daughter how to execute the simplest stitches - the girl will be happy.

In general, it is quite good to distribute duties between family members. For example, dad let takes out garbage. To it all the same on the way. The son let vacuums, and daughters wash the dishes and the floors. If the family was lucky to live on the earth, in own house, then opportunities for trudovoo education of children even more. Only it is necessary to watch that the child had rather free time on reading, games, idleness, communication with friends and the hobby. And children will grow happy, not deprived of parental attention which is so often replaced with the fashionable gadget now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team